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By October 21, 2010No Comments

Firstly I must give kudos to Dan Wiederer who wrote a fantastic article and interview with Nolan Smith. It was one of the most well written pieces I have read. The article, instead of focusing on Nolan the basketball player really showed what makes up Nolan the man. A great poignant piece. It’s hard not to root for such a good guy, and the fact that he stuck with the program and was rewarded for his dedication, commitment and hard work should be a lesson to others that tend to jump ship instead of persevering. A must read whether you are a Duke fan or not.

No looking back for Duke’s Nolan Smith

Here is an article on Fox Sports in which UNC’s Roy Williams makes the case for Duke being heads and shoulders above any other team this year, it’s hard not to agree on paper but that people is why they play the game.

Ryan Feldman at The Hoops Report seems to agree that Duke should be impressive this year. In his opinion the key is the bench, and the level of play not dropping off. Duke will have a wealth of talented bench players that could start for most teams in the country.

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