Health a Huge Factor..

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A healthy Duke team is something that we haven’t seen in quite a while, no one nursing nagging injuries over the summer, it just might make all the difference….

Countdown to Craziness Goes Over Well

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‘Ton of big guys’ could help Coach K get back to Final Four Smith dominates Duke’s scrimmage Smith antics highlight Duke’s show Duke’s Countdown to Craziness … live! Duke’s Scheyer, Singler overshadowed in first scrimmage Cameron Crazies Count On Winning Season This Year Blue Devils Officially Open the 2009-10 Season Duke Basketball Doesn’t Have To Just Wait Until Next Year … Read More

Interesting stuff from the Chronicle…

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Nice to see K is still jokey after all these years, he alludes to a possible starting 5, but it’s still too early to tell. Here’s the link from the Chronicle. Some passages of note: Krzyzewski said that transfer Seth Curry looked “really good” during practice, and even joked that he was trying to “pull an Andre [Dawkins]” to get … Read More