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There’s always an emotional letdown after a Duke vs UNC game that’s never a surprise. Most expected issues vs Miami who’s guard play this season has been terrific, that and coupled with the quick Saturday / Monday turnaround against a ranked opponent and well disaster was afoot. While most thought Duke could lose this game on the road I’m not sure most expected that with the flight to Miami the Blue Devils would forget to pack the most important ingredient for a road win heart and hustle. The elements for even making a decent showing on the road never left Durham and the Blue Devils were trounced by the Hurricanes in a game that, much like the game at NC State, was over in a heartbeat.

There wasn’t a singular failure by the Devils but they were summarily destroyed in every facet of the game. The guard play for Duke was atrocious, the post play was weak and by Coach Jon Scheyer’s own admittance, “soft”.

Miami was off to the races early and I’m certain their practices posed more competition than the Blue Devils could muster. The 81-59 score wasn’t indicative to the beat down that Duke was given and the worst part was that not only did Duke have no answers, they actively aided in their own demise with 21 turnovers, many of them unforced. Duke’s starting backcourt of Jeremy Roach and Tyrese Proctor were responsible for 10 of Dukes 21 turnovers while only being responsible for 13 points. Miami’s defense was smothering but Duke’s overall decision-making was suspect at times and flat out head scratching at others.

Duke’s bigs were unable to make layups over smaller players, unable to pass out of the post effectively and unable or unwilling to boxout a team who’s tallest starter was a 6’7 while Duke boasted two 7-footers. In the end he difference in the game were the 23 points off of 21 Duke turnovers and the 24 second chance points Duke handed over to the Hurricanes. Before Duke could even catch their breath the game was over and Miami celebrated an 81-59 victory. The 3rd double-figure road beating the Blue Devils have taken this season with top 10 UVA waiting in the wings.