Duke defeats Findlay 84-48 in final preseason matchup

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Despite a very sloppy and undisciplined effort the Devils were able to put up a decent second half against Findlay after being only up 36-23 at halftime. Let’s preface this by giving some proper perspective on the opponent. Findlay was undefeated last year and were the DII champs, that’s not a bad pedigree to bring into Cameron, however the Devils … Read More

Duke Takes Down Pfeiffer

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As expected there was no drama in this one, the only troubling stat was 15 second half turnovers,  this had a pretty dramatic impact on the score, as Pfeiffer scored 50 second half points. So while the score indicates a dismantling there are always little battles behind the numbers. Clearly there is work to be done. I’m sure Coack will … Read More

Duke Matters Again?

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Some of us think that the relevance of the Blue Devils has not waned even if the results of the last 5 seasons haven’t been exactly what everyone in Durham wanted.  The recruiting game is not as cut and dry as it used to be.  I think Coach K should be praised for not sacrificing his program to bring in … Read More

Some Pertinent links Regarding Kyrie Irving in Blue

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Some links… Our assessment of things will be up a little later on tonight. http://www.fanfeedr.com/ncaa-basketball/2009/10/22/kyrie-irvings-commitment-ends-dukes-recruiting-woes http://sports.chronicleblogs.com/2009/10/22/irving-follows-footsteps-of-new-jersey-point-guards-to-duke/ http://www.fanfeedr.com/nba/2009/10/22/duke-lands-another-superstar#

DukeBasketballReport Said it Best…

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“Well look.  Of the three groups, who is most likely to freak out if they lose out?  A&M?  Seems unlikely.  A program like that is flattered to be in the hunt for a kid like Irving.  Getting him is a long shot.  Duke?  We certainly hope not.  By now most Duke fans should understand that acting like that is a … Read More