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New Look, New Attitudes? I’m Optimistic at Least.

By May 30, 2014No Comments

Last season although ended with heartbreak, it seems that Rasheed Sulaimon has extracted some wisdom from it as well as his own early season issues. It’s good to see him taking ownership of it and speaking like an upper-classmen that is ready to give all for team in this piece by Bret Strelow:

Duke’s Rasheed Sulaimon swallowing pride for betterment of Blue Devils


In this article Coach K doesn’t give specifics but alludes to changes, fundamental ones in how Duke will play next year, some will say it’s just lip service, but with a new lineup you would expect at least a little, but when you couple it with earlier reports of Capel working more with the bigs and instituting different drills he used with Oklahoma and Jon Scheyer taking on more of a role with the  perimeter, it sounds like there could be something cool brewing check out this piece by Steve Wiseman at the Herald Sun:

Coach K: We’re making some big turns … I like that