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Comarow’s Corner 2014 Music Favorites, Pt. 4 of 4: Songs 200-1

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*My rules for inclusion

  1. Duck Sauce-Everyone (With Teddy Toothpick)

(Dance): The absolute peak of stupid and catchy.

  1. Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness-Canyon Moon

(Slick Indie Rock) Theme song of the next movie involving a woman on an adventure to “find herself.”

  1. Sleepy Sun-Thielbar

(Psychedelic  Rock) I want some of whatever they’re on.

  1. Ani Difranco-Careless Words

(Folk Rock) In case it isn’t clear, Ani doesn’t like “big talkers.”

  1. Mark Lanegan Band-Floor of the Ocean

(Dreamy Alt-Electronic) At this point, I’m just waiting for the Eddie Vedder/Daft Punk collabo.

  1. The Grouch & Eligh-People of the Sun (With Kyle of Slightly Stoopid)

(Rap/Reggae) Every time I listen to this, I immediately crave Taco Bell. Not sure what that’s about.

  1. Eric Church-Talladega

(Country) Country clichés: Pickup truck…check. Football…check. Drinking…check. We’re good.

  1. Busdriver-Ego Death (With Aesop Rock & Danny Brown)

(Alternative Rap) 3-way tie for who has the weirdest verse.

  1. Actress-Birdcage

(Experimental Electronic) This song needs a Legend of Zelda sample.

  1. Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad-Nice Feeling

(Reggae) I love lamp.

  1. Lydia Loveless-Really Wanna See You

(Alt-Country) Lydia admits she can be “such a bitch.” The first step is admitting you have a problem.

  1. Nick Waterhouse-This is a Game

(Retro  1950’s Style R&B) Boogie Woogie

  1. Robert Francis-Baby Was the Devil

(Driving Rock & Roll) EPIC SAX!

  1. The Horrors-I See You

(Layered Synth-Rock) Remember when The Horrors were a garage rock band?

  1. Elbow-Fly Boy Blue/Lunette

(Alt-Rock) Holy Crap…Syd Barrett-era Floyd is back! When is the part about garden gnomes?

  1. Rebelution-De-Stress

(Reggae) Just say no to stress.

  1. Lucinda Williams-West Memphis

(Bluesy Americana) Lucinda’s calling East Memphis chumps! Y’all on the East side just gonna take that?

(Not on Spotify)



  1. Fu Manchu-Anxiety Reducer

(Stoner Rock) Crunchy

  1. Desert Noises-Mice in the Kitchen

(Indie/Roots Rock) The first couple notes sound like Mumford & Sons, but it’s not. You can step off the ledge now.

  1. Eagulls-Nerve Endings

(Shoegazey, Violent Post-Punk) The music video for this song is a decomposing pig brain…So that’s nice.

  1. Le Butcherettes-Your Weakness Gives Me Life

(Noise-Rock) This is probably not the best song to set the mood with that special someone.

  1. Linda Perhacs-The Soul of All Natural Things

(Haunting Singer/Songwriter)I wonder if Patrick Bateman has murdered someone to this song.

  1. Allah-Las-Buffalo Nickel

(Hippie Gobbledigook) Oh, so this is how the Mommas & The Papas would have sounded with talent.

  1. Has-Lo & Casle-Go to Work

(Indie Rap) Any rap song backed with an acoustic guitar must be deep & meaningful! #Truth

  1. Ryan Adams-Stay with Me

(Southern Alt. Rock) Adams is telling Neil Young and Drive-By Truckers that he can do them, but better.

  1. Conor Oberst-Enola Gay

(Singer/Songwriter) Crazy is when you’re “mashing Charles Manson songs up with Showtunes”

  1. The Black Keys-Turn Blue

(Southern Blues-Rock) This song reminds me of when The Black Keys didn’t suck.

  1. King Tuff-Black Moon Spell

(Glammy Garage-Rock) Marc Bolan wants his money back.

  1. Shabazz Palaces-#Cake

(Experimental rap) Ever lost your mind? I imagine it was probably something like this music video.

  1. Julian Casablancas & The Voidz-Where No Eagles Fly

(Experimental Alt. Rock) The Strokes have gotten kinda weird.

  1. Moe.-White Lightning Turpentine

(Jam Band/Roots Rock) Someone needs to tell me what the period at end of the band name is all about!

  1. Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers-Forgotten Man

(Classic Rock) It’s close enough to make everyone think it’s “American Girl.”

  1. Pharoahe Monch-D.R.E.A.M. (With Talib Kweli)

(Rap) This will be everyone’s go-to who believes good rap stopped existing after 2005.

  1. SomeKindaWonderful-California Love (Tupac Cover)

(Synth-Rock) I bet Tupac drinks MD 20/20’s and blazes beedies to this jam.

  1. The Barr Brothers-Even the Darkness Has Arms

(Folk Rock) I got nothing for this one. Just a damn good song.

  1. …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead-The Doomsday Book

(Post-Hardcore) This is the only good song on the album. Might need a chat with George A. Romero.

  1. Lykki Li-Gunshot

(Alt-Pop) Lykki Li’s music is artsy, man. The more you get it, the more you don’t get it. #Deep

  1. Dilated Peoples-Show Me the Way (With Aloe Blacc)

(Rap) The best thing about this song is that it doesn’t have Everlast taking verbal shots at Eminem’s kid.

  1. Rival Sons-Electric Man

(Hard Blues/Rock) I wonder if Jimmy Page plays Bar Mitzvahs.

  1. Sun Kill Moon-Pray for Newtown

(Singer/Songwriter)  Incredible song, but what does this have to do with The War on Drugs?

  1. Steve Gunn-Milly’s Garden

(Acoustic/Roots-Rock) Can’t even lie. This guy rates 11/10 on the coolness sale.

  1. Alice Gerrard-Follow the Music

(Folk) This woman is 80 years old. Eighty!!

158 Sturgill Simpson-Living the Dream

(Country) Sturgill’s an outlaw! All that means is he won’t play Coachella.

  1. Dinosaur Feathers-Zeitgeist

(Indie Dance-Pop) A song this cheesy most definitely fits with a band named Dinosaur Feathers.

  1. Kasabian-Eez-Eh

(Indie Dance-Pop) Whaddya mean, Oasis would never make a song like this? F-ck Oasis!

  1. Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes-Sun Goes Out

(Indie) I regret not ranking this song higher. It’s taken over my life!

  1. Thurston Moore-The Best Day

This is by the same guy who made Sonic Youth’s “Washing Machine” album? No freaking way.

  1. Ces Cru-Give it to Me

(Braggadocio Rap) I can’t stop picturing Dave Chappelle’s “Spaghetti! Spaghetti!” raps.

  1. The Revivalists-When I Die

(N’awlins Style Indie Rock) Funky enough for Treme  or nah?

  1. Pixies-Greens & Blues

(Indie Rock) Kim Deal’s really made a great impact on the Pixies new stuff. Wait, what?

  1. Little Hurricane-Gold Fever

(Riffy Blues-Rock) Anyone have C.C. Spina’s phone #? I’d like to buy her a chalupa & talk Bieber.

  1. Pink Floyd-Louder Than Words

(Um, Pink Floyd?) The only song on their album with words is called “Louder Than Words.” Mind=Blown!

  1. The Felice Brothers-Lion

(Jammy Bluegrass) I had no idea that Paul Westerberg sang bluegrass.

  1. The Roots-The Dark (Trinity) (With Dice Raw & Greg Porn)

(Rap) These guys seem more fun on Fallon. Maybe they’ll perform this with classroom instruments.

  1. Jungle-Busy Earnin’

(Dance) Jungle make dance music, but not jungle dance music. I don’t like being lied to.

  1. Natural Child-Don’t the Time Pass Quickly

(Jammy Americana) If title is true, it’s not good for ladies to stare at their watch during “lovemaking?”

  1. Kid Cudi-Balmain Jeans (With Raphael Saadiq)

(Spacey Dream/Pop/R&B) Is ANYONE listening to the words in this song? NSFW

  1. Tinariwen-Toumast Tincha

(Tichumaren/Blues) No jokes on this. Read the story of this band. They are much more than music.

  1. Smashing Pumpkins-Tiberius

(Alt-Rock/Electronic) Thanks for dumbing down for us, Billy. You’ll be criticized for this as well.

  1. Old 97’s-Let’s Get Drunk & Get it On

(Alt-Country) Song title = the story of my life. What are you looking at?

  1. Banks-Waiting Game

(Shoegazey Trip-Hop) Banks seems worn down by love. The millions of dollars she makes will help.

  1. Black Pistol Fire-Hipster Shakes

(Bluesy Garage-Rock) Hipsters don’t shake. They just stand in one spot and judge non-hipsters.

  1. Joell Ortiz-Get Down

(Braggadocio Rap) This dude bringin’ it back to ’95! In other news, I feel old.

  1. Angels & Airwaves-Paralyzed

(Punk-ish, Electronic Arena Rock) Yeah, I can’t believe I like this song either.

  1. Railroad Earth-Monkey

(Jammy Bluegrass) I could picnic to this song.

  1. Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings-People Don’t Get What They Deserve

(Funk/Soul) Horny

  1. Old Crow Medicine Show-Shit Creek

(Bluegrass Hoedown!) Umm…Bluegrass hoedown!

  1. Saigon-Come Alive (With Corbett)

(Rap with a Message) Turtle doesn’t approve of this Saigon jam. He wanted a club banger.

  1. Cowbell-She’s All Over You

(Southern Rock/Tex Mex) The enthusiasm that the band shows in this video is damn infectious.

(Not on Spotify)



  1. Ben & Ellen Harper-Born to Love You

(Singer/Songwriter) Momma’s boy

  1. The Nighthawks-Walk That Walk

(Rocka-Blues-A-Billy) My dad loves this song. Oh, crap. #DCMusic

  1. Hozier-Angel of Small Death & the Codeine Scene

(RocknSoul) So he basically’s basically just stealing gospel songs and playing electric guitar over them, right?

  1. Rubblebucket-Sound of Erasing

(Indie Jam/Dance) How about a John Brown’s Body reunion?!

  1. Young Fathers-Low

(Experimental Rap) Is this even considered experimental in Scotland?

  1. Tune-Yards-Time of Dark

(World Pop) Amazing idea…how about an Alt-J/ Tune-Yards karaoke night? Fun fun!!

  1. The Fresh & Onlys-Who Let the Devil

(Indie Pop/Rock) How the hell did The Fresh & Onlys transform into Belle & Sebastian?

  1. The Orwells-Who Needs You

(Retro Hard Rock) This is so much better than The Vines-Get Free.

  1. Nickel Creek-Rest of My Life

(Campfire Music) I’d be cool hearing the one acoustic riff on repeat for the rest of my life!

  1. The 1978ers-P.O.T. Act II

(Rap) My goal is to hype up yU until someone takes notice. Most underrated emcee in the world! #DMVMusic

  1. Rosanne Cash-A Feather’s Not a Bird

(Americana) Looks like Johnny Cash’s daughter has made her own name. Good for Johnny Cash’s daughter.

  1. Mike Doughty-Light Will Keep Your Heart Beating in the Future

(Electronic Pop/Rock) It weirds me out to hear Mike Doughty sound so happy. Someone give him drugs, stat!

  1. Ratking-Snow Beach

(Experimental Rap) Sensory overload!

  1. La Roux-Uptight Downtown

(Modern Disco) Yep, that’s the genre I’m sticking to for this soon, and I think it’s great!

  1. Lake Street Dive-Stop Your Crying

(Retro 60’s RocknSoul) All I can think of is “Son of a Preacher Man.”

  1. Major Lazer-Aerosol Can (With Pharrell)

(Minimalistic Pop-Rap) No joke, my official 2014 guilty pleasure. This bumps!

  1. Death Grips-Big Dipper (With Bjork)

(Experimental Noise-Rap) Hey, we’re not weird enough. Let’s add Bjork!

  1. Flying Lotus-Never Catch Me (With Kendrick Lamar)

(Experimental Rap) Flying Lotus: “Ok, Kendrick. Start Rapping.” Kendrick: “Over what? This?”

  1. Bahamas-All the Time

(Electric Jack Johnson) Listening to this is in December has to be considered some sort of self-harm.

  1. Adam Levine-Lost Stars (Written By Gregg Alexander)

(Pop-Rock) Adam Levine is fine on this song, but Gregg Alexander is the star. Welcome back, Gregg!

  1. Kelis-Fish Fry

(Funk/Soul) So all it took was a divorce from Nas to start making good music.

  1. Protomartyr-Trust Me Billy

(Post-Punk) How can a singer sound so upbeat and depressed at the same time?

  1. Dope Body-Rare Air

(Experimental Hard Rock) I miss the REALLY crazy Dope Body…sigh. #BmoreMusic

(Not on Spotify)


  1. Fat White Family-Touch the Leather

(Murder Music) Nick Cave is jealous.

  1. Hail Mary Mallon-Dollywood

(Rap) It’s been a long time coming. Ladies and gentlemen…Country-Western Rap!

  1. Tribal Seeds-Lonely Night

(Reggae) Honestly, when’s the last time you heard sad reggae? Kind of an enjoyable change of pace.

  1. You+Me-Capsized

(Harmonic Singer/Songwriter) I’ll admit I was wrong for doubting Pink on this song, but come on. Her name’s Pink!

  1. U.S. Royalty-Slow Magic

(Cali Indie Rock) Yep, I love their Cali vibe! And yet, they’re from DC. Awkward. #DCMusic

  1. Kate Tempest-The Truth

(Bouncy Spoken Word) This girl makes The Streets look like a damn poser.

  1. Shovels & Rope-Evil

(Americana) Awesome bone-rattling riff. Rest of their music is “How to play Americana for Dummies.”

  1. Mike Farris-Real Fine Day

(Southern Cajun Rock) I already miss Joe Cocker.

  1. Luluc-Without a Face

(Singer/Songwriter) Nick Drake without the all-consuming depression that comes with his music!

  1. Joe Bonamassa-Living on the Moon


  1. Kishi Bashi-Carry on Phenomenon


  1. Opeth-Voice of Treason


  1. Marc 7-Time


(Not on Spotify)



  1. Cyhi da Prynce-Mandela


(Not on Spotify)



  1. Damien Rice-It Takes a Lot to Know a Man


  1. Jesse Winchester-She Makes it Easy Now


(Not on Spotify)



  1. Johnny Marr-This Tension


  1. Joe Budden-Only Human (With Emanny)


  1. Temples-Mesmerise


  1. Trampled By Turtles-Repetition


  1. Cold War Kids-First


  1. Future Islands-Seasons (Waiting on You)


  1. The Autumn Defense-I Can See Your Face


  1. Michael Jackson-Love Never Felt So Good (Rmx with Justin Timberlake)


  1. Sage Francis-Make ‘em Purr


  1. Interpol-All the Rage Back Home


  1. Tweedy-World Away


  1. D’Angelo & The Vanguard-Sugah Daddy


  1. The Rural Alberta Advantage-Not Love or Death


  1. The Twilight Sad-Leave the House


  1. Counting Crows-Earthquake Driver


  1. St. Vincent-Prince Johnny


  1. Devin Townsend Project-Fallout


  1. The War on Drugs-Eyes to the Wind


  1. Phish-Sing Monica


  1. Jenny Lewis-She’s Not Me


  1. Spoon-New York Kiss


  1. John Butler Trio-Devil Woman


  1. Cara Kelly & The Tell Tale-Suite 17

(I’ve known the lead guitarist Michele “Mike” Castellano for a while, and not only does he shred solos, but he’s an even better guy. PLEASE support this great Baltimore band! To hear the studio version and their other songs off Puncture as well as their other EP, The Unexpected, click here to check out Cara Kelly & The Tell Tale!



  1. Fanfarlo-Life in the Sky


  1. Ex Hex-War Paint


  1. Hamilton Leithauser-11 O’Clock Friday Night


  1. Dizzy Wright-I Want Answers (With Nikkiya)


  1. Cymbals Eat Guitars-2 Hip Soul


  1. St. Paul & The Broken Bones-Grass is Greener


  1. Caribou-Back Home

(Electronic Pop) David Guetta could have made this song huge. And awful.

  1. Black Milk-All Mighty


  1. Black Lips-Justice After All


  1. Cunninlynguists-Urutora Kaiju (With Tonedeff)


  1. Band of Skulls-Himalayan


  1. Cloud Nothings-Giving Into Seeing


  1. Vacationer-Paradise Waiting


  1. The Kooks-Forgive & Forget


  1. Antemasque-Momento Mori


  1. G. Love & Special Sauce-Nothing Else Quite Like Home


  1. Angel Olsen-Stars


  1. Shake Graves-Dearly Departed (With Esme Patterson)


  1. Angaleena Presley-American Middle Class


  1. Alt-J-Left Hand Free


  1. Prince-Funknroll

(Um…Prince?) Prince is probably insane. The best always are. #Pancakes

  1. Seun Kuti & Egypt 180-IMF (With M1 of Dead Prez)


  1. Joe Henry-Sign


  1. Ages & Ages-Over It


  1. Against Me!-True Trans Soul Rebel


  1. Diamond District-First Step


  1. Crosses (+)-Nineteen Ninety Four


  1. The Afghan Whigs-Matamoros


  1. Beck-Heart is a Drum


  1. John Fullbright-High Road


  1. Royal Blood-Out of the Black


  1. (Pt. I) Broods-Mother & Father (The normal studio version is on the Spotify playlist)


  1. (Pt. II) Broods-Mother & Father (Live Acoustic)


(Not on Spotify)



  1. The Donkeys-I Heart Alabama


  1. Spanish Gold-Don’t Leave Me Dry


  1. Slaves-Where’s Your Car Debbie


  1. Sylvan Esso-Hey Mami


  1. Tonedeff-Competitive Nature


  1. White Lung-Drown with the Monster


  1. Warpaint-Disco//Very


  1. Broken Bells-Holding on for Life


  1. Ra Scion-Opalescent Jetsam (Produced By Vox Mod)


  1. Amy Lee-Dark Water (With Malika Zarra)


  1. Death from Above 1979-Trainwreck 1979


  1. First Aid Kit-My Silver Lining


  1. Royksopp & Robyn-Monument


  1. Keira Knightley-Tell Me if You Wanna Go Home (Written By Gregg Alexander)


  1. The Preatures-Somebody’s Talking


  1. Strand of Oaks-Goshen ‘97


  1. Ty Segall-Tall Man, Skinny Lady


(Not on Spotify)


  1. Clipping-Get Up (With Mariel Jacoda)


  1. Curtis Harding-Keep on Shining


  1. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah-Cover Up


  1. The Hotelier-An Introduction to the Album


  1. SBTRKT-New Dorp, New York (With Ezra Koenig)


  1. Ben Howard-All is Now Harmed


  1. Big K.R.I.T.-Saturdays = Celebration (With Jamie N Commons)


  1. Marissa Nadler-Dead City Emily


  1. Cibo Matto-10th Floor Ghost Girl


  1. Ariel Pink-Dayzed Inn Daydreams


  1. Paolo Nutini-Fashion (With Janelle Monae)


  1. Bombay Bicycle Club-Overdone


  1. Run the Jewels-Close Your Eyes (And Count to Fuck) (With Zack De La Rocha)


  1. Benjamin Booker-Violent Shiver


  1. Delta Spirit-Push It


  1. Umphreys McGee-No Diablo


  1. Dum Dum Girls-Rimbaud Eyes


  1. Rich Robinson-One Road Hill


  1. Hiss Golden Messenger-Lateness of Dancers


  1. Atmosphere-Fortunate
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