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With the start of the new season Zion O. (@DukeNBA), Mike B. (@M_Bulge19) and Brian H. (@dukeblogger), are joining forces and staring a new Duke Basketball themed podcast called SlaptheFloor.

We’ll talk about all things Duke Basketball with your input. You can submit your questions to us via voicemail ( (571) 310-1040 ) or email ( ) and we’ll play and read them on the show, give you a shoutout and obviously answer them in addition discussing the season and upcoming big games.

The point of this is to have the content be determined by you the Duke fans who we’ve interacted with for years and that is what will make this a fun concept. So please don’t hesitate to add to the “mailbag” and we can make this a fun year. Are y’all ready to get hyped and Slap the Floor ? Let’s get it!

Look for the debut episode dropping Monday night where we discuss the Champions Classic vs Kentucky and more.

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