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Devil of the Day vs Bowie State | Grayson Allen

By November 6, 2017No Comments

Grayson Allen once again is our Devil of the Day with his stat stuffing effort versus the Bowie State Bull Dogs. Grayson came into the game having to do the lions share of the ball-handling with disciplinary action being taken on Duke’s 2 lone point guards.

Allen delivered a 7 for 11 performance, scoring 21 points and dishing 11 assists to only 2 turnovers. Allen also pulled down 5 defensive rebounds in the game playing 26 minutes in the contest. Allen has started this season ultra aggressive on the offensive end of the court and while not the most talkative guy on the court his enthusiasm is certainly contagious; diving for loose balls with the game firmly in hand in an exhibition game speaks to his competitive nature; as does the willingness, despite being the lone senior, working to get others involved for the good of Duke’s overall success going forward. Grayson didn’t score the most points but he is directly responsible for them and thus deserves the Devil of the Day against Bowie State.

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