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The Diamond Stone (@Diamond_Stone33) ULIMATE Mixtape via @IowaElites

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The Diamond Stone (@Diamond_Stone33) ULIMATE Mixtape via @IowaElites

Diamond Stone has reshaped his body and his game has benefited from it. He is a physical presence down low on both ends of the floor, in addition to thundering dunks, Stone has some elements of finesse in his game as well. Stone possess great footwork despite his age and can not only score around the basket but can push out to the mid-range game and some beyond. Down low he doesn’t need to depend on the dunk to score, when that isn’t readily available he has a variety of low-post moves including turn-around jump-shots. What may impress basketball purists even more is his willingness and ability to do the little, yet important things like boxing out and rebounding.

A very underrated passer he is very good at passing out of the double team and has very good touch on his passing, he could be a big man in college with very high assist numbers and range beyond the normal 6’10 low-post player. He is not your typical lumbering big man his past soccer experience has given him a dexterity and awareness of his body and coordination that makes him a very intriguing prospect.

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