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Down to 6 for Looney, Duke Makes the Cut

By August 1, 2013No Comments

Kevon-LooneyAs reported by multiple sources yesterday 2014 PF recruit Kevon Looney has narrowed his list to 6. After cutting the University of Michigan Looney is entertaining Duke, Michigan State, UCLA, Wisconsin, Florida and Tennessee. Looney is Duke’s number 1 target at the PF spot and the only remaining target that Duke is likely to land. Duke has spoken with Reid Travis and Abdul-Malik Abu but both are expected to sign elsewhere. The consensus is that Duke and Florida are in the lead but as usual in the world or recruiting, until a young man shows up on campus you never really know.

Some notes about Looney:

Its hard not to watch him play and not be reminded of Kevin Durant, not just because of similar body types but there are facets of his game that are similar as well. He has no problem scoring from anywhere on the court, his handle and jump-shot are ever improving. He’s such a natural scorer any opening no matter where on the court it presents itself is an opportunity. At 6’9 he has the size to be a typical Power Forward but his court awareness and ability to dribble out of double-team situations; also his knowledge of spacing and play development gives him the ability to handle similarly to a small forward or guard. I think his versatility lends itself to exactly what Duke looks for in players.

Defensively Looney is a better than average shot blocker, his large wingspan and quick feet are the perfect raw materials to mold into a Duke pressure defender.