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Duke 77 Georgetown 89–first thoughts…

By January 30, 2010No Comments

Well no sense in beating around the bush, Duke once again got what it deserved, an butt-kicking. There was nothing good to say about Duke on offense or defense. A team that did not compete, woefully unprepared, slow, unemotional…there aren’t many positive attributes you can say except maybe that the bench got some floor time.

Duke will have to rebound and rebound in a big way from this loss, I’m not sure what can be learned from this one, just as in the N.C. State game. Just becoming a bit of a trend that on the road this team seems to fold up with the first sign of adversity.

Duke was unable to defend the post, the perimeter or anywhere in between…even the subs for Georgetown had a very easy time shredding Dukes porous defense.

I hate to use the phrase phoned-it-in, but if they didn’t phone it in then the problems are worse than I even thought.