Duke Barely Escapes With Road Win

By February 6, 2010No Comments

After the first half was over it looked as if Duke might cruise in this one, but BC stood strong and knocked the Devils 10 point lead down time and time again. BC did this by taking very good care of the basketball and taking advantage of size matchups on the inside. BC continued to chip away and keep this game very close and came within a last second 3 point shop of sending it into overtime. This is the kind of game we are used to seeing Duke lose this year on the road so to see one actually put into the win column is a very good thing for this team, and it was even nice to see AndreƂ Dawkins get a little shine in the last minute. Moreover to see him on the sidelines cheering on this teammates and also at the end of the game embracing Nolan Smith and smiling, hopefully he can continue to work hard and earn some more meaningful minutes in ACC play because I guarantee you he will be needed at some point.

Duke still needs to get some production from the 4 and 5 positions in order to be considered an elite team, this still isnt happening but hopefully the minutes being played by the Plumlee brothers will pay off soon.

Next up in Carolina and if anyone thinks this is going to be a cakewalk because of the recent struggles that UNC has had is mistaken, overconfidence is for fools in this rivalry game. Carolina will play hard and Duke will have to prepare well and come out firing on all cylinders.

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