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Duke Inexplicably Loses to St. Johns 81-77; Allen, Duval & Trent Jr. Combine for 10 Turnovers

By February 3, 20182 Comments

Instead of taking care of business the Duke Blue Devils showed why they are one of the most mercurial teams in the ACC. Blowing a 7 point halftime lead to a St. Johns team that had lost 11 straight games. Duke spent much of the first half turning the ball over and much of the second half being beaten by a Red Storm team that they let stay in the game. Duke’s back-court was the main culprit, never seeming like they were on the same page on either end of the floor – and disappearing offensively when Duke was in dire need of stability. Gary Trent Jr. scored a team high 22 points in the loss.

10 of the Duke 18 turnovers were committed by Duke guards and with a chance to take the lead in the waning seconds Trevon Duval missed 2 free throws. Duke was able to close the lead to 77-76 with 33.4 seconds left on a Grayson Allen 3 pointer but just too much St. Johns in the end.

Duke Drops to 19-4.

Duke’s 18 turnovers were the story of the game, along with the inept ball-handling and decision making my Trevon Duval, Gary Trent Jr. and Grayson Allen.


  • dslaw19says:

    I don’t even have the words about today. Soft. Lazy. No heart. No effort. I can handle an L. I cannot deal with no effort. I haven’t been this angry at duke since probably Mercer.

    If I were K, no headphones or smartphones on the way home. And when we get back, practice. Tonight. Lots of running, drills, yelling and then game film. Tomorrow too.

    “We got what we deserved….That is not acceptable, so I will do the things that I’ve done for 43 years to make sure we have an acceptable performance by our Duke team.” – Coach K

    I feel bad for UNC.

  • Dave Boyersays:

    What do you think is up with Grayson? He had no points until the final minute or so then makes one 3 but is the one taking the last couple of shoots for Duke. Which he proceeded to miss. He had the angry, immature, face Saturday

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