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On the first few weeks of practice

“We have really competitive group and every day we have guys pushing each other at every position to get better. We’ve definitely grown a lot since we started practice. Guys have obviously picked up the system a lot better. Guys just continue to pick stuff up and get better in practice as the weeks go by. At this stage of the year, we’re excited for the season as it’s right around the corner. We have some big games in the nonconference that we’re looking forward to. The atmosphere is just great here right now, we’re just looking forward to getting out there and competing.” On Countdown to Craziness “I’m obviously excited for our group to be presented in front of the Crazies for the first time. It will be something special, especially for the younger guys who haven’t been through that before. I feel like this will be kind of a big opening for their college career and make everything feel real. I’m just excited to get out there with the fellas and have a little bit of fun and be in front of the Crazies again.”


On the coaching staff “Chris Carrawell has come in and he brings a lot of energy. Our guys love playing for him. Nolan Smith is also in a bigger role, and we’ve loved that as well. Coach Scheyer and Coach James have been more vocal than they were last year for sure. It’s more of a three-headed attack than it was last year. I think Coach Carrawell has come in and has done a great job.” On the importance of communication “For me when I came in as a freshman, talking wasn’t something I was accustomed to at all. I had to get better at it, and I think these guys are doing a good job of working on that.”

On the development of Marques Bolden “It’s not just playing time; I think he’s healthier. He had plenty of playing time. Your playing time is determined by how well you’re playing. If you get in the game and you’re playing well, your playing time is great. I think he’s the healthiest he’s been for a long time right now. Maybe that’s part of what has clicked along with that opportunity to do more in practice.”


Advice to the freshmen “They come in ready to work, that’s rare to see at a young age. My advice to them is just to stay consistent. Staying consistent is the hardest part, so that would be my advice to them. On personal goals for the season “I want to play harder. I’ve looked at a lot of film personally. I’ve also watched a lot of my games over the last two years and I saw a lot of things I need to work on. I want to improve my energy level and my activeness around the floor. FRESHMAN FORWARD RJ BARRETT On how the chemistry has come together with the other freshmen “It’s really easy. Tre is a man, he’s the point. He, and Coach K, just put us in positions to play. It’s not a lot a systematic stuff. It’s five-out motion, and we just play off that. It’s a lot easier, because we have we me, Cam, Zion, that that can get by defenders, and Cam and shoot the heck out of the ball. It’s easy to play.” On playing in the Five Out Motion offense “The five-out works because we have three guys that really get in the paint and make plays. So Coach K allows us to do that all times that’s why we have spacing at all times. When one guy’s going, we just react off him.”


On advice received from past Duke players “The coaches have all played here, so they’re always preaching the importance of taking care of our bodies and staying focused and straying engaged throughout the entire practice.” On the work ethic needed at Duke “A lot of guys assume we just come in here and chill and don’t really do much, don’t go to class, stuff like that. The reality is we work extremely hard. We’re here day in and day out, and Coach is pushing us to the limit. There are big consequences if we don’t go to class. It’s been tough, but it’s all going to be worth it.”

Player Quotes

October 15, 2018 – Duke Media Day

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