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Duke Slips By Michigan 73 – 71

By March 21, 20118 Comments

And I mean barely….reminiscent of the Butler game last year, Duke nearly let this game get away from them, and while Michigan did stage a damn near comeback, mistakes by Duke on the offensive end were a huge culprit as well. Duke was not good with clock management, and made some poor decisions down the stretch. Some of this can be attributed to integrating a new player into the mix, some of it was just boneheaded shot selection, and some was a stout Michigan defensive effort. The 1-3-1 zone that Michigan employed seemed to stop the Duke offense in its track, I’m sure that will be a point of emphasis going forward.

Nolan Smith was solid and sound in this game scoring 24, Kyrie scored 11 and Kyle Singler had 13, not monster games but when Duke needed buckets, they got the ones they needed from the 3. Ryan Kelly was also no slouch putting in 11 points on this game. Where production was missing was from Seth Curry who didnt score and was o-3 but did have 3 assists.

Duke will have to play much better defensively and much better offensively, not that Michigan was a slouch but it only gets tougher from here. Duke will also have to make its free throws, thats 7 points Duke left on the floor not going to cut it later in the tourney. I’m just happy the game ended on the right side of the win column for the Dukies. Next opponent Arizona.

Michigan Wolverines
Jordan Morgan, F214-50-02-2031002410
Stu Douglass, G401-40-20-113300222
Zack Novak, G-F404-94-90-0151301312
Darius Morris, G297-140-12-2136201416
Tim Hardaway Jr., G395-121-64-4032200215
Matt Vogrich, G130-10-10-000000000
Blake McLimans, F20-00-00-000000010
Jon Horford, F21-10-01-100000023
Evan Smotrycz, F145-72-21-1110001513
Duke Blue Devils
Kyle Singler, F365-121-52-5184001413
Miles Plumlee, F152-30-00-023001124
Nolan Smith, G388-132-46-7142002224
Seth Curry, G230-30-30-001300030
Mason Plumlee, F182-20-00-237101414
Andre Dawkins, G262-62-50-002000006
Ryan Kelly, F235-60-11-1230000311
Kyrie Irving, G211-40-29-10032102311


  • Hocking Hicksays:

    Duke – as per usual – mugged Michigan’s guards every possession.

    Amazing the stuff they get away with. It’s like they’re invisible…

    UofM has even a decent night shooting, and BDs go home.

    ‘course, that non-stop hand checking probly had something to do with it…

  • adminsays:

    I guess in addition to ACC refs, Duke pays all of the tournament refs as well. 🙂

  • Hocking Hicksays:

    Naw… it’s just like the NBA. Duke just gets the calls. Or in most cases, given their style of play, and the well-known propensity to hand-check, the No-Calls.

    Just look at the FT totals…

  • adminsays:

    The free throw disparity can be explained in a number of ways…firstly what is your basis on why Duke gets the calls? What causes it? Why would an otherwise impartial ref. give calls Dukes way?

    Secondly, watching the game, Duke drove to the basket nearly every chance it got, until Michigan switched to a 1-3-1 zone, its the reason why they switched to the zone. Duke was driving hard to the basket. Michigan settled more for outside shots.

  • Hocking HIcksays:

    All you had to do was watch Michigan bring the ball. They were getting mugged. If you care to, watch the replay.

    Duke literally fouls every time Michigan crossed mid-court. That alone – given the pace of the game and UM’s dependence on jump-shots, was an easy 10-pt swing.

    Now, that’s ok — as long as both teams are getting no-called. But that isn’t happening.

    Looking forward to an OSU and Duke match-up – if they advance. I do believe Duke will not be able to out-physical the Buckeyes, AND Motta will have the refs briefed on the hand-checks and be in their ear about it every possession.

    Of course Duke will try to shove Sullinger, but he’s used to shooting with three guys hanging on him…

  • adminsays:

    I understand you don’t like Duke, that’s all well and good. I guess you see things that the refs choose to ignore, the Michigan coaches choose to not acknowledge, the announcers don’t see. If Duke and Ohio State do get that far (who knows), Ohio State very well may outmuscle Duke, but if that is the case then the premise for your argument was moot in the first place. That would mean Duke doesn’t get all the calls. You can’t have it both ways, if they get the calls against one team then shouldn’t they get the calls against another? Is it only certain refs? Is it only against certain teams? I saw tough defense, I didn’t see anyone having their progress impeded by Duke guards.

    To curtail hand-checking, officials must address it at the beginning of the game, and related personal fouls must be called consistently throughout the game. Some guidelines for officials to use when officiating hand-checking:

    a. When a defensive player keeps a hand or forearm on an opponent, it is a personal foul.

    b. When a defensive player puts two hands on an opponent, it is a personal foul.

    c. When a defensive player continually jabs by extending his arm(s) and placing a hand or forearm on the opponent, it is a personal foul.

  • Hocking Hicksays:

    a. When a defensive player keeps a hand or forearm on an opponent, it is a personal foul.

    b. When a defensive player puts two hands on an opponent, it is a personal foul.

    c. When a defensive player continually jabs by extending his arm(s) and placing a hand or forearm on the opponent, it is a personal foul.

    At lease one of these happened every time Michigan crossed half-court.

    Duke has a history of “tough defense”, and of free-throw disparity. You can’t have it both ways… or can you?

  • adminsays:

    I beg to differ on that point, I guess we see it differently, if the defensive player beats you to that spot, the spot belongs to the defensive player. There were no jabs, there were no instances of two hands on a defender. And aside from a one hand touch (which is legal) I dont see what you mean.

    As far as tough defense and free throw disparity, one has nothing to do with the other. If you think the referees to be so corrupt maybe college b-ball isnt the sport for you. I’ve never complained about the refs when my team loses, even if I thought a call was close or should have gone the other way. I give the refs the benefit of the doubt, the call the games as they see them. Why would they apply a different set of rules to one team? It really makes no sense to me.

    I’m not sure how many other teams employ this tactic but Duke actually calls in refs to work their early practices so that the players understand the rulebook and what they can and cannot do.

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