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Duke Taken Down by AZ 93-77

By March 25, 2011No Comments

Not much to really ponder about this one, Duke got hit with a second half buzz saw and lost to a better more athletic team. What Duke did in the first half, AZ shut off in the second half. AZ had the energy, got to the lose balls and Duke had a poor showing by it’s all-american guard Nolan Smith. Duke going forward will have to better defensively, there were teams this year that did expose the Devils, and I am quite sure this will be addressed in the off season, that is what Duke does.

Nothing to really hang heads about, for Duke fans just last year we were the ones celebrating. A 30 win season is not the easiest thing in the world to accomplish, ask around. This was a very good team, and blaming this loss on anything other than just being outplayed detracts from the integrity of the Duke program. Kyle Singler, Nolan Smith and Casey Peters leave with championships both ACC and National. Most players can’t say that, they leave with with degrees from Duke University and a priceless basketball pedigree. I found myself a lot less upset about this loss than I expected, perhaps on a high from last year still, not sure, but I am certainly still proud and happy to be a Duke fan and yes there are loose ends. Kyrie Irving  may very well opt to leave Duke, I wouldn’t begrudge him that. He played like an NBA talent. Of course I would like to see him shine at Duke, learn at Duke and graduate at Duke, that being said, the choice is his. If he stays Duke becomes undoubtably one of, if not one of the most talented teams in the country. If he goes they will be young but no less talented. Austin Rivers, Quinn Cook, Michael Gbinije and Marshall Plumlee enter the rotation to go along with Tyler Thornton, Josh Hairston, Miles and possibly Mason Plumlee. Ryan Kelly, Andre Dawkins and Seth Curry.

The future is bright people, Duke will be back, now enjoy the rest of the tournament. I’m hoping for Butler at this point, hell I’d even be ok with Florida State or Arizona or Ohio State.

On a note about the Dukeblogger site, would love to hear from any readers on what I can do better, what you guys want to see or not see. Looking to improve going into next year, possibly a new look, possibly more interactivity. So use the contact us page and let me know what you think and what you want. Thanks for reading!!!