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Dukeblogger Interviews Huntington Prep Small Forward Montague Gill-Caesar – Video Courtesy of @IowaElites

By December 12, 2013No Comments


I was able to get some time with 2015 Huntington Prep Small Forward Montague Gill-Caesar. Duke has shown interest in the 6’5, 200lb athletic wing from Downsview, Ont., Canada. Here is what he had to say:

I’ve been following your game since an interview I did with Tariq Sbiet, he mentioned that you may be, when all is said and done, one of the best prospects to come out of Canada, have you felt any added pressure to outdo and surpass expectations like that?

Montague Gill-Caesar: I havent really felt any pressure. I feel like i have a lot of support from friends and family, which helps me keep my mind off of things like that.

Your spotlight seems to have grown recently because of your stellar play, has Andrew [Wiggins] offered any advice to you as far as dealing with the expectations or on your game in general?

Montague Gill-Caesar: He has somewhat. Mostly what he says is just go out there and play hard every game and play to your expectations and no one elses.

With names like number 1 pick Anthony Bennett, Tyler Ennis, and your good friend Andrew Wiggins to name a few, why do you think so much talent has come out of Canada recently?

Montague Gill-Caesar: We’re realizing that were capable of making noise, which has added to our confidence. Playing south of the border has given us a taste of what we need to do to get to that next level.

Clearly you are an explosive leaper but what do you consider the strength of your game at this point?

Montague Gill-Caesar: I think I’m able to hit shots, whether it’s from mid-range or the three.

Are there aspects that you feel you need to improve on?

Montague Gill-Caesar: The things I need to improve on are ball-handling, moves to get to the rim, and just my offensive consistency.

Is there a current player in the NBA or in college that you pattern your game after?

Montague Gill-Caesar: I try to model my game after Joe Johnson.

What schools are showing interest so far?

Montague Gill-Caesar: Michigan State, Illinois, Kansas, WVU, Duke, Mizzou, FSU, Memphis, Ohio State, Kentucky.

What are you looking for in a college or university in terms of style of play?

Montague Gill-Caesar: What I’m looking for in a university is somewhere where I’m able to shoot the ball, play through mistakes, and run the floor.

How’s the season going at Huntington Prep so far this year?

Montague Gill-Caesar: The season is going well, we are 9-2 right now. Could be better but we’re young and we still have a lot to learn.

Dukeblogger: Thank you so much for your time Montague, good luck going forward this season and I can’t wait to see you at the next level and beyond.
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