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For You Athletes Out There Here is one From Jennifer Reed on Training

By February 20, 2013No Comments

Follow Tips From the Stars to Play Like the Blue Devils

Discipline and training are just as important to basketball players as their skills on the court are. In order to be the best, you have to not only hone your talent but also achieve the optimum level of physical fitness. This is what the Blue Devils have done in order to secure their places in the team and this is what hopefuls who wish to enter the team at some point in the future will have to do. A good way of making sure that you are following the correct fitness regime is to model yourself on the stars of the court. Emulate the fitness routine of a champion and it stands to reason that you will have the building blocks in place to enable you to play like a champion. Here are some tips on how to achieve the level of athleticism that is displayed by the Devils.


Kobe Bryant has previously stated that he is a strong believer in pushing himself to the limit whilst training, as it is his viewpoint that conditioning is impossible without doing this. He says that his conditioning comes from running on a track or field or on the court itself and doing suicides and sprints. Blue Devils’ Seth Curry has expressed a similar belief. He says that players wishing to build their conditioning should do a workout consisting of high-intensity, non-stop action. Seth advises people to try to work out without stopping, as this aids conditioning and mental toughness.


Different players have different views on how to maintain the correct diet for sporting success. Dwayne Wade credits chlorophyll as one of the things that helps to energize him. He drinks a juice consisting of beets, chlorophyll and ginger, which his personal chef claims is like a ‘nature-made Red Bull’. Former Blue Devils player Grant Hill says that one of the secrets of his success is the nutrients that can be found in raw fruits and vegetables. He has stated that he tries to remain clear of sugars and processed foods. It is also important to follow the correct diet in the period directly before a game. Research conducted by the University of Birmingham indicates that consuming caffeine tablets with sports drinks can boost their effectiveness. More carbohydrates can be absorbed from glucose energy drinks if caffeine is taken with them, meaning that players can get a bigger energy boost by combining the two. That said, there remain concerns about such a combination and caution is best employed until more studies back this line of reasoning up.

Strength Training

Strength is also of the utmost importance, as it serves as a foundation for speed and muscular power. Michael Jordan has previously stated that he followed a routine involving doing push-ups on medicine balls and sit-ups whilst holding a medicine ball above his chest with both of his hands throughout the motion of each of the sit-ups. He did six-inch leg raises involving lying on his back whilst elevating his straightened legs off the floor as well. This position was held for between two and three seconds. Research carried out by the University of Florida suggests that strength training might be the key to avoiding sporting injuries. When commenting on a recent Blue Devils game, a reporter for the Chattanooga Times Free Press expressed the opinion that the Devils are ‘unbeatable’ when they are all healthy. Following the correct strength training routine is essential for keeping the team in good health so that they are able to continue to play to the best possible standard.

Training When You Don’t Feel Like Training

Another essential characteristic to possess is the ability to self-motivate. NBA star Kyrie Irving, who used to play for the Blue Devils, says that the perfect time for a workout is when you don’t feel like having one. He says that it is important to persevere when your body tells you not to do something in order to build strength of mind. An individual needs to be both mentally and physically fit in order to reach the standard of the Blue Devils players. Follow the correct fitness regime, work on your strength and conditioning and maintain a healthy diet and perhaps one day you will be at the standard where you will be fit enough to join the team and play alongside your favorite players.

~by Jennifer Reed