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Despite the Blue Devil’s 2016 basketball season coming to a close last Thursday, Duke Nation has reason for optimism. Duke is bringing in a stellar recruiting class next year, featuring Frank Jackson, Harry Giles, Jayson Tatum, Javin DeLaurier, and Jack White. The class will bring both depth, and athleticism, not to mention that it may not yet be complete. Highly touted center, Marques Bolden, is nearing his college decision, and many think it is coming down to Duke and Kentucky. Regardless of his decision, Duke is bringing in loads of talent, including 6-9 power forward Javin Delaurier.


Daniel: First off, congrats on a phenomenal high school career! Describe your senior season, and what you worked on most in the gym.

Javin DeLaurier: Senior year was a great experience for me and was a great ending to high school career. We lost a close one in the state semifinals but we left our legacy on the school. I’ve been working on the finer points of the game, my focus right now is to get my skill level on par with my athleticism in addition to getting stronger.


Daniel: Now that your high school basketball career is over, are you counting down the weeks until you head to Durham?

Javin DeLaurier: Absolutely haha. I’m enjoying the feeling of being a high school senior but I can’t wait to get to campus!


Daniel: I’m sure you’ve heard about the recent commitment from Jack White. Have you been in contact with him and the rest of the class? What are your thoughts on your incoming class?

Javin DeLaurier: Yeah been in touch with Jack a little. Really excited to add him to our class. We all keep up with each other and check in every now and again. I’m super excited to suit up with these guys and go to war. I think we’re a special group.


Daniel: No doubt. During the recruitment process, at what moment did you know it was going to be Duke, and why?

Javin DeLaurier: I knew it was going to be Duke the moment I sat down in Cameron on my official visit. It affected me unlike any other place I’d visited. Sitting there looking at all the history of success, I knew I wanted to be next in line.


Daniel: Could you take us through your visit to Duke?

Javin DeLaurier: Well we got to Durham at around 8, so we went to the hotel and got situated then we went to eat with the staff. Then after dinner we went in Cameron at around 10:30 and it hit me. The next day we went to Coach’s house for breakfast and after I played pickup with the guys, and really enjoyed it. I was comfortable around them almost immediately. After that we watched the football team beat GT, and I went with some of the guys to kill some time. I texted my mom at that point and told her I was going to commit at dinner. At dinner when I told Coach K he got up and hugged me and my mom was crying and it was just a special moment.


Daniel: That’s really incredible. Describe your game for Duke Nation out there.

Javin DeLaurier: I’m an athletic long versatile forward who can defend and rebounds well and plays with tremendous energy. I’m expanding my game offensively and am constantly working on developing my skillset.


Daniel: What is one word or phrase you would use to describe the Duke basketball program?

Javin DeLaurier: Iconic. Everyone knows Duke and we’re a very polarizing team. You love us or hate us.


Daniel: Aside from depth, the Achilles heel of this year’s Duke team was rebounding. With a very different team next year, bringing in loads of talent, describe what fans should expect to see on the court, and how the commitment of Marques Bolden could impact this team?

Javin DeLaurier: I think we’ll be a very exciting team to watch and one that Duke Nation should look forward to. Marques is obviously a great talent who we’d love to have with us. The dude is a monster on the low block.


Daniel: Okay, let’s get to the important stuff. It’s a holiday, and the gym is closed. How do you spend your day?

Javin DeLaurier:  If all the gyms are closed, I’m either going to catch a movie with some friends or if the weather is nice go outside and fish possibly.


Daniel: Hahah great plans! Thank you so much for your time and best of luck next year! Go Devils!

Javin DeLaurier: Yessir devil.


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