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Good Practices for Avoiding Loss of Income Due to Basketball Injuries

By March 21, 2013No Comments

Good Practices for Avoiding Loss of Income Due to Basketball Injuries

Basketball is a passion. It is something that fans and players alike wake up thinking about in the morning and dream about at night. It is important to remember that it is also a career for many people and can be brought to an abrupt halt by injury, stopping a player’s livelihood and significantly negatively impacting upon his financial situation. For that reason, it is essential for people who take part in the sport and either play at a professional level or wish to do so at some point in the future to take steps to avoid career-threatening injuries and health complications. Even missing a month like Ryan Kelly did due to his foot injury can mean that you miss out on crucial games and consequently lose out on large sums of money.

Financial Consequences of Injury

Career threatening injuries can be devastating to young and mid-level players, as they can deprive them of their chance to progress to a higher level and up their earnings. The difference between the wages earned at the start and peak of players’ careers can be phenomenal, as the average NBA player’s salary is fifteen and a half million dollars, meaning that if your playing days are cut short before you reach that level, you have effectively been deprived of millions of dollars. Even injuries that don’t leave you permanently out of action can impact upon your skill level and prevent you from progressing. Caron Butler was a vital player for the Washington Wizards, evidenced by the fact that they lost five games in a row when he was out of action with an injured thumb on his right hand and then lost 0-3 when he had lower back spasms and was unable to play. He has stated that a stiff left knee has taken his explosiveness and quickness from him and caused him to be hesitant during play, meaning that injury has hampered his basketball ability as well as robbing him of valuable experience on the court. Butler has a salary of eight million dollars per year so the potential for a huge negative financial impact upon his life is immense.

Healthcare Costs

Healthcare costs are also a major issue for injured players. Injuries suffered during games can raise the amount that you pay for financial cover to protect your career. Worse still, players who opt for insurance schemes that do not fully cover their injuries can often find themselves lumbered with huge medical bills. The New York Times has reported that college sportspeople have had to pay out up to eighty thousand dollars due to injuries because they opted for the wrong insurance schemes. It is therefore important to take sufficient time to choose the correct company and scheme in order to minimize the likelihood of running yourself into the ground with huge medical costs. Another way in which you can reduce the risk of paying out large sums of money is by taking steps to decrease the risk of sustaining an injury whilst playing. Here are some tips on the best ways to avoid some of the most common basketball injuries.

Achilles Tendonitis

A condition that can be particularly devastating with regards to losing you money is Achilles tendonitis. Serious cases can occasionally lead to tendon ruptures, which can require surgical procedures that cost between ten thousand and twenty thousand dollars. It is therefore a good idea to protect both your career and your income by taking action early on. In an article published in FIBA Assist magazine, basketball trainer Tony Bove advises that if athletes ignore Achilles tendonitis and continue to play with it, it can become chronic, which can result in it being difficult to relieve. He says that in order to protect yourself, it is essential to take action at the first sign of the injury, as it can cause a level of pain that can slow you down or stop you in your tracks.

You should massage the sore spot using ice for twenty minutes, repeating the process four times a day. Refrain from activities that will exacerbate the condition as much as you possibly can and carry out Achilles tendon stretching exercises before taking part in exercise. If a young or mid-tier player develops a serious injury like this at an early point in his career then it could cut it short before he has had a chance to show the world his true capabilities.

Torn ACL

A recent article in Men’s Fitness ranked a torn ACL amongst the top five most devastating injuries for sportsmen. In worst-case scenarios, this affliction can bring an end to a person’s playing days, reducing their income significantly and severely damaging their finances. ACL surgery can also cost up to fifty thousand dollars. This injury drastically affects both co-ordination and mobility and makes it impossible to play. Fitness consultant and physiologist Elizabeth Quinn advises that it can be prevented by taking part in plyometric exercise sessions, which involve intense, explosive muscular contractions that draw upon the stretch reflex. Exercises aimed at strengthening the muscles that surround the knee can also help to guard against it, as can exercises that focus on balance, especially on a single leg.

Jumper’s Knee

Jumper’s knee is another common basketball injury. It is characterized by inflammation and pain and if left untreated, it can lead to career-threatening complications. It can be treated in the early stages by seeing a sports injury specialist, who will apply cross friction massages and provide advise on rehabilitation. That way, you can prevent it from negatively impacting upon your career and taking away your livelihood at the earliest possible opportunity.

Head Injury

The New York Times has reported that head injuries are becoming increasingly common amongst basketball players. Repeated head trauma can lead to brain injury, which will prevent a player from being able to carry on participating in the sport. Rehabilitation after a brain injury costs an average of eighty-five thousand dollars throughout the rest of the life of the person who sustained the damage. This means that as well as taking you out of action, this form of injury can severely damage your wallet. Many head injuries are the result of falls. Again, exercises aimed at increasing your balance can reduce the risk of this occurring. If you stay on your feet, you will be significantly less likely to hit your head. Follow this advise and hopefully you will be able to enjoy a long and lucrative career in basketball that will enable you to earn a substantial amount of money by doing something that you love.

 By Jennifer Reed