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Grant Hill Speaks Up

By March 16, 20113 Comments

Really happy that Grant Hill has spoken his mind regarding the espn documentary about the Fab 5, being an obvious fan of basketball I watched them as well as my Dukies for years.  I’m honestly not sure if Jalen Rose believes any of what he said in that piece or whether he was just focused on creating a buzz.

I don’t see why certain people are so hell bent on creating a division, something we have fought against for so long. To classify a basketball player as an “Uncle Tom” screams envy to me, it screams of someone who was completely unaware of his own culture and history.

Thank you for Grant for saying very eloquently what a lot of us were thinking.

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  • EJ says:

    He’s so articulate, man…

    I had a feeling Grant Hill’s NYT op-ed would just confirm the Fab Five’s 20-year-old opinions, but I had no idea he’d actually drop Latin into it and call Duke a “special family,” then tweet that his interminable diploma-waving had been edited for length and that you could find the whole thing on his website.

    If you paid attention to the section of the documentary where the Fab 5 described their feelings about your righteous team and player, you noticed the following:

    “was”. “hated”. “hated”. “felt”. “hated”. “was”. “came”. “went”. “played”. “was”. “had to”. “was”. “resented”. “looked”.

    These are the verbs that the four members of the Fab Five use during their description of their feelings towards Duke. What do all these verbs have in common? They are in the past tense. This is an elementary fact of grammar of which you would expect one who mentions his place in the “special” brotherhood of Duke graduates to be aware. Apparently you and Grant are not. Jalen even reasoned that at the time his feelings were likely derived out of the fact that Grant knew his father while Jalen didn’t.

    Rose wasn’t creating buzz for his documentary (though it was the most watched ESPN documentary of all time); he was describing his disdain for Duke at the time. Hence, the past tense. Jalen has since clarified to foreigners, people with learning disabilities that prevent them from understanding verb conjugations, and Duke graduates that when he used verbs in the past tense he was talking about the past.

    No one thinks Grant Hill is a bitch, even the guys who said they thought he was when they were 19, until he wrote his response. Now everyone thinks he’s a bitch. Can we get a Grant Hill Effect wikipedia page?

    But it was so articulate and eloquent…
    His clunky column was reminiscent of a high school term paper even after going through a battery of NYT editors. Look at this:

    “It was a sad and somewhat pathetic turn of events, therefore, to see friends narrating this interesting documentary about their moment in time and calling me a bitch and worse, calling all black players at Duke “Uncle Toms” and, to some degree, disparaging my parents for their education, work ethic and commitment to each other and to me.”

    Too many commas. Pointless use of “interesting”—95% of the time a filler word. Awful finger-wagging intro. Too many goddamn commas. This sentence could have been half as long and communicated the same thing. If this is eloquent to you, you need to read more.

  • admin says:

    Thanks for writing, I appreciate the opinion, and I don’t think Jalen a dumb person whatsoever, but if it wasn’t about hype, he certainly could have diffused said situation prior to the release of the documentary. He chose to wait until after. Instead of focusing on the Fab 5 and their growth as upstanding citizens he chose to appeal more to the lowest common denominator. Sure it made for captivating TV, hell I even enjoyed watching them play, but if you are going to infuse that type of language and behavior into your piece you should do a little more to halt the propagation of it.

  • jeepnut says:

    Nice of you to rip that entire reply off MGoBlog without crediting your source EJ.

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