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Hunter Shelton is Ready to Rise

By August 9, 2013No Comments


I spoke with class of 2015 recruit Hunter Shelton.  The 6’7 SG/SF  is rising up the ranks, hails from the Bluegrass State and is more than just a shooter:

Brian: What do you think are the strengths of your game, and what do you want to improve on going forward?

Hunter Shelton: My biggest strength is definitely scoring but I need to improve my defense and my rebounding mostly.

Brian: What do you look for in terms of style of play when considering a school?

Hunter Shelton:  I like the run and gun style of play, I like to get up and down the floor and run the whole game, up tempo.

Brian: Very cool… What schools are you most interested in hearing from and who has been most interested in you so far ( I know it’s still early)?

Hunter Shelton:  Im only a junior but I’ve been hearing from WKU, EKU, NKU, Louisiana Tech, Texas Tech, Murray St., Tennessee Tech, Morehead State…..Gardner-Webb, and Army has offered me.

Brian: What college teams did you grow up rooting for?

Hunter Shelton: UK, LSU, and Duke, oh and UNLV

Brian: Are you close with any of the guys on the AAU circuit?

Hunter Shelton: Yes sir a lot of people are like family to me, me and Satchel (Pierce) are good friends.

Brian: Satchel (Pierce) is a good guy, just posted an interview with him today.

Brian: Are you enjoying the recruiting process so far?

Hunter Shelton: Yea it’s been pretty fun so far.

Brian: Do you have a favorite NBA team or player and do you pattern your game after anyone?

Hunter Shelton: I like the Thunder and the Pelicans and my two favorite NBA players are Kevin Durant and James Harden and some people say I play like KD.

Brian: That’s a good comparison for people to make. Did you recently recently transfer and reclassify?

Hunter Shelton: I transferred to Kiski in PA, and reclassified to 2015.

Brian: Do you prefer to be classified as a SG or SF?

Hunter Shelton: Doesn’t matter to me I can play both positions SG/SF.

Brian: I find a lot of recruits are into gadgets and things like that, do you have a favorite?

Hunter Shelton: My iPhone and my iPad and yea (Dre) Beats too!  Haha yea i don’t play many video games.

Brian: Ha ha, that seems to be the standard answer.

Brian: I appreciate the time man.

Hunter Shelton: Thank you I appreciate you taking time to talk to me!