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ICYMI Interesting Articles and Insight into This Years Team & Coach K

By October 1, 2013No Comments

Very cool insight into the team and what Coach K expects from this years roster. There was some speculation about the 5th starter ruminating around the internet as if to say that Sulaimon not being a lock as a starter was somehow a slight. Sulaimon himself says it best, “There’s a lot of competition right now, and that’s what we want, we’re very deep.”

Conventional wisdom right or wrong often suggests that not starting means you are not worthy of starting but anyone that knows Duke basketball knows that isn’t true, having situational versatility is a luxury, and no one should read into anything in regards to who starts. The same goes with junior guard Quinn Cook who is tabbed by Coach K as a probable starter, perhaps they want him coming off the bench to provide a different look, it doesn’t mean that Cook has regressed and Coach K even lists off his improvements.

Another article speaking to how this team is built for speed and athleticism. The article also speaks of Rodney Hood’s versatility and willingness to play any position and do whatever it takes to stay on the court.

This article by Steve Wiseman regarding Coach K and his doubts after the Lehigh season ending loss is a very interesting look into the mind of the Hall of Fame coach. As good as Coach K is, the fact that he is still able to question himself shows a level of humility and honesty that is rare in coaching. Great piece.