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@jaytatum0 and @KarlTowns Acquire Stats for Charity

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Making the playoffs for the first time is always a special occasion, and for Boston Celtics rookie and Duke alumnus Jayson Tatum, this year will have an added bonus as the brand will celebrate the occasion with a friendly competition for a great cause. During the first round of this year’s playoffs, Gatorade will pit Tatum against fellow Gatorade athlete Karl-Anthony Towns, and track the points, rebounds and assists of the athletes and whoever registers the highest collective total will win a $20K donation to a Gatorade Play It Forward charity in their hometowns of Piscataway, NJ and St. Louis, MO.

  • For the player with the higher combined total points, rebounds and assists, Gatorade will make a $20K donation to a Gatorade Play It Forward Charity.
  • Both Karl and Jayson are former Gatorade Athlete of the Year winners and this competition allows them to not only continue setting a great example but to also to give back to a charity that means a lot to them.

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