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Duke player-turned-coach JON SCHEYER joins co-hosts Andre Iguodala and Evan Turner on Point Forward pod. Over the course of a spirited conversation between three Illinois legends, the 35-year-old Scheyer opens up about his oft-overlooked storied high school career, his drive to succeed, the pressures of taking over for legendary Coach K, and the future of basketball. This episode is a must-listen for chicago hoopheads, Duke MBB fans, and everyone interested in learning more about what makes great men tick. Point Forward podcast, hosted by former NBA teammates and current best friends Andre Iguodala and Evan Turner, uses basketball as a pretext to honestly and openly talk about business, culture, race, tech, and, yes, sports. Specifically, over the course of weekly hour-long episodes that drop on #pointforwardfriday, Iguodala and Turner, discuss and debate current national and global events in a way that is meant to resonate with everyone from the Silicon Valley elite to teenagers on the south side of Chicago.

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