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Just a Little Bit on Tyus & Jahlil Before Zero Hour

By November 15, 2013No Comments

A Feel for Jahlil – What is there you can’t say about Jahlil Okafor? Dude is a monster in the paint. He just makes plays, with Okafor you don’t need to run offense he is offense and on defense he can eat up the other teams shots, just that simple. He is the best in his class and whichever team lands him is getting a full grown man inside who despite his size is fleet footed and catches and finishes like a big man is supposed to. He isn’t a one trick pony, the kid can pass, should have no problem either dribbling out of or making the right pass out of a double team and will finish with a dunk every time if the chance is there.

Talk about erasing some years of big man misses. Okafor does that instantly should he turn Duke Blue today. Watch and drool and hope and pray.

The Wizardry of Tyus – Tyus Jones is every thing that you want in a point guard for Duke. He makes the right decisions and is a sponge in the gym from all accounts. His mind moves quickly without being hurried and isn’t a PG that is both efficient with his dribble and pass but is lethal enough with his jumper that defenses have to respect it and play honest. You pair him with Okafor and you have yourself a duo that is hard to match in college basketball, they know each others tendencies and coming into college together that is something that gives your team the edge instantly.

Having a guard like Jones and Cook on the floor together or one spelling the other is an amazing thought.