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2018 Rising Star Hayden Shelton Answers a Few Questions

By November 15, 2013No Comments

Some time soon you’ll be hearing more about 2018 scoring guard Hayden Shelton, here is what @WGNRecruits had to say about the 5’9, 130lb who will be attending Apollo high school next year.

Shelton is very athletic. He can score at will and he attacks the basket and looks to score every time he gets it. He needs a little work on defense but other then that he is a joy to watch. Hes really aggressive and knows how to play the game. he passes and is really capable of playing at the next level if he just keeps working hard. His ball handling is really good and he can shoot well.


What are the strengths of your game?
My strengths are attacking the basket and scoring. Also passing.

what areas do you look to improve upon?
I want to improve on my defense because that’s my weakness.

Who do you pattern your game after?
I pattern my game around Jason Williams because that’s who people say I play like.

Do you have a dream School?
My dream school is Alabama.

What’s your go to move?
My go to move is my rip through cross over.

What was your best game and why?
My best game was probably today against Bowling green I had 15 and they’re the 2nd best in the state. I attacked the basket and was able to score at will.

Thanks for the time man, hope to see more from you coming soon.