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Man, you gotta love College Basketball but at the same time the community at-large, the fandom, sometimes, are complete and utter garbage. Mostly I’d say the “influencers”. Imagine spewing more vitriol at a coach who yelled at a few fans that he mistakenly thought were taunting a former player and coach than players who openly assault other players, and put innocent people in harms way. God forbid he show himself as a human after experiencing the loss of a close family friend and coaching against another close family friend. You see, there is a difference in using something as an excuse and being honest about your emotional state due to some tough situations you are dealing with – but what is clear is that some of them try their best to exclude a persons humanity when discussing or writing about them and that’s really what makes them both petulant and immature.  Spending days on end going at something that was barely a part of the actual game itself definitely shows a lack of imagination and makes you wonder how some of these idiots get these jobs.

I suppose that’s the nature of social media hit-chasers, like the ones going full negative on Coach Mike Krzyzewski for something he actually apologized for. They cynical nature of the beast has been fully evident in the last week with all of the arm chair psychologists out there in the twittersphere who were able to diagnose Coach K as a sociopath when:

  • they’ve never met him
  • have a pre-existing grudge about or
  • just plain have no frame of reference for the situation

I suppose I care more than K ever would about the idiotic ramblings of people like Kevin Sweeney or Sam Vencie even though I shouldn’t, hell honestly their mean-spirited teeny-bopper like angst says more about them than it does about Coach K or his actions. I suppose in the absence of any real or worthwhile content – inject your brand of stupidity into a situation because clearly in this climate, in this world that gets more of a reaction. Why am I even spending time on this…uggg

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