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Kyrie Returns Home to Ponder

By March 31, 20112 Comments

Kyrie Irving obviously had a big decision ahead of him as to whether or not to enter the NBA Draft. It’s a business decision, but in my estimation sometimes kids need time to be kids. It’s up to Kyrie and his family, and whatever decision is made will be the right one. Good luck Kyrie either way. It’s a rarity for freshmen of that caliber to stay so no one would begrudge him that. He has the talent, but is he ready to play in a league of men? That’s something the family will decide.


  • Ben says:

    It’s one of those deals where I am not sure if I will be all that upset either way, if Kyrie goes Duke will be great, if he stays, Duke will be great. Duke has replacements ready if he does decide to go in Quinn Cook and Tyler Thornton. It’d be a crowded backcourt if he came back, but thats a good problem to have.

  • admin says:

    Yeah I dont mind a crowded backcourt whatsoever, imagine running a 3 guard offense… with kyrie, quin and austin rivers or seth…yikes.

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