Pepsi MAX presents “Uncle Drew” Featuring Kyrie Irving

Cleveland Cavaliers superstar Kyrie Irving is the newest addition to the Pepsi MAX family. Kyrie just finished up a phenomenal rookie season and was just named the 2012 Rookie of the Year.

On the heels of Kyrie’s fantastic season and award recognition, Pepsi MAX and Kyrie Irving have teamed up to bring you “Uncle Drew.” The video features Kyrie disguised as his alter ego Uncle Drew, playing basketball on the streets of New Jersey with a group of unknowing players.

The video can be seen here and you can follow the conversation on Twitter with #UncleDrew.

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  • luke dsays:

    Screw kyrie . He is on my #Dukeshitlist. 11 game playing ass he isn’t a blue devil to me. That’s why we looked dumb this past year. One and dones piss me off. Poor coach recruits these guys then they bail on him. No NCAA titles poor showing in the tournies just terrible. All that he did in the nba imagine the ruckus he would have mad in college. Smh

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