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Live Video Twitter Stream attempt # 2 Sunday

By March 21, 2015No Comments

I enjoyed doing the live video stream at the half of the Duke – Robert Morris game so I figure why not give it another shot at the half of the Duke – San Diego State game which has a 2:40pm tip time on Sunday, here are the details, hope people enjoy it no matter how nerve–racking it is. Hopefully I fumble a lot less. Hit me back with any questions.

The stream will be live through twitter using an app called Meerkat ( ), the app is free to download, you don’t need the app to view the stream but if you have the app you can tweet through it and I’ll be able to see it as I talk…weird but cool.

The app will tweet a link when I am ready to go live, you can click on that link and it will prompt you to log into twitter then you can hit play and view the stream. If it ends up being successful and people like it I’ll try to make it a regular thing when I can, if not – no harm no foul.

Keep in mind the app is apple only but as far as I can tell you can view the stream on Android devices as well, I plan on testing that out tonight.

Here is the link to the app, it’s called Meerkat.  (  )

I’d love to hear feedback as to whether this is something you’d be interested in viewing and also feel free to ask me any questions about it via twitter or email (

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