• luke dsays:

    What is wrong with these kids? I understand nba money is good but you have an opportunity to graduate from Duke and be coached by coach K. I dreamed of playing for him. I attended a basketball camp as a kid, got to meet coach and his staff, loved it. I would finish my 4 years basketball isn’t going to last forever, but a Duke education will go all the way to the grave. Plumlee or Rivers are not ready for the NBA.

  • Kylesays:

    Rivers is definitely ready. Even though he was our leading scorer, i’m not sure I’d want him back if he decided to return. He made our team play more selfish. He couldn’t play defense, so nobody else did either.

  • drewsays:

    rivers is NOT ready for the nba what so ever! I’ll never understand why kids who obviously don’t need money still go pro and stay and get a duke education. mason plumlee would benefit greatly by staying with all the bigs leaving early this year he would get lost in the shuffle ie josh mcroberts and shavelic randolph. mase is not ready either

  • dukiessays:

    Rivers isnt ready and will be the biggest bust of all time and its a shame his dad is letting him go….alot ppl here at duke hates him anyway..we wasted a scholarship on him ..he is no kyrie….from duke to the d-league…..

    the kid has a bad manners always crying…. he played on one of the worst teams in duke history….good job rivers….ur not wanted back here…

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