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Mason Plumlee

By October 8, 2009No Comments

Mason Plumlee or MP2, is probably going to be the better of the two Plumlees at Duke this year. That doesn’t mean Miles hasn’t made leaps and bounds over the summer but Mason comes in ahead of Miles in a few departments by all accounts. Mason provides a bit more athleticism in the post and another option in the middle, Duke can go big or small at the 5 now, with Zoubek bringing the size and Plumlee bringing speed and a bit wider array of offensive weaponry. Also very adept at ball handling as all the Duke freshmen are, he has the ability to take his man off the dribble, but playing the 5 may not afford him that kind of space to work in, his back to the basket game is going to have to his bread and butter, rebounding is at a premium in every NCAA conference and Duke has a good on in MP2. The rebound and kick out is something that every Duke team does and perfects. Duke should be one of the taller teams in the ACC. If they can match that in heart they should have a pretty good chance at an ACC title this year. I can see a scenario where both Plumlees will be in the game together, that would be an interesting lineup.