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Ryan Kelly

By October 8, 20092 Comments

Ryan Kelly is probably the most intriguing of this years freshmen at 6-9 (or 6-10, depending on who you ask), Ryan has a guard-like mentality, reminding some of Mike Dunleavy. Definitely not a prototypical post player, and will most likely end up on the wing. With a very good shooting stroke and good ball handling skills Ryan will help be a press and trap breaker and is another option for bringing the ball up the floor in certain situations. Let’s not forget about his acumen for passing, like a guard he is constantly scanning, recognizing and keeping his dribble alive drawing in the defense and is able to dish and hit the pass in traffic.

Being able to step out and take the opposing big men off the dribble, or overpower a smaller wing player is where his advantage lies, and if he can hit is 10 to 20 foot jumper consistently it will be hard to keep him off of the floor.


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