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More Jabari Video and a Quote…

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Another couple of Jabari Parker videos and a quote regarding reports that he tanked a workout for Cleveland. I, for one, never believed it and neither should you. Below is his reaction to that report:


“I think I have too much pride to just waste other people’s time,” Parker said. “I come from Duke, but most importantly, I come from a family with good values, and I don’t have time to just waste other people’s opportunities and the chances that I have in front of me. There’s going to be a lot of speculation and a lot of negativity, but I would be glad to look that person in the eye who wrote that stuff. And they can give me their assumptions.”


Jabari Parker discusses why he would be a good fit in Cleveland or Milwaukee and predicts he will be taken No. 2 overall by the Bucks in the NBA draft.


Discussions about Jabari and what he brings to the table.

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