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Nolan Knows

By August 8, 2010August 12th, 2010No Comments

Nolan, in addition to having an incredible summer, has his mind right. Focusing on what Duke needs in order to repeat, that includes some loses (but not too many).  Seems as though in evaluating the season Nolan has realized that there were key loses last year that aided in the mental development and subsequent title run.

While Duke does have a very good team coming back it’s going to depend on team chemistry and finding a way to meld the talent, this is going to fall on the shoulders of Nolan Smith, Kyle Singler and freshman Kyrie Irving.

Brian Horace

Brian Horace

I’ve been a Duke fan for as long a I can remember, been actively writing about the team since probably 2006 or so, seriously since 2009. I am a homer so expect no less than that. I always welcome suggestions no matter how blunt. I am also a huge music fan, not genre specific and by music fan I mean music snob. Enjoy.

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