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Not so fast…

By August 21, 2010No Comments

As Duke fans we want to believe Dan Wiederer when he says that Austin Rivers is a lock for Duke, but as seen with the Harrison Barnes saga, and even the Terrence Jones commitment and then 180 degree turnaround nothing is set in stone until you see them in a uniform. You have to believe Rivers when he says nothing has been decided, you have to believe him when he says he is open to any of his contending schools. It isnt like its a choice between Duke and Davidson. The schools on River list are rich basketball schools. Ask Billy Donovan how sure he was that AR was going there. It’s simply too early to tell, anyone saying otherwise either has some super secret information or is just trying to stir the pot. I say its mostly the latter.

Dan Wiederer may very well have some insider information, or it could be an educated guess.