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The only person perpetuating a Duke – Kentucky rivalry is John Calipari

By October 19, 2016No Comments


Ahhh good old ESPN, forever trying to create a narrative of angst between Duke and Kentucky. John Calipari, forever the showman, has no problem with jumping in with both feet – using the platform of this article to take some jabs that will not stun or phase the Duke program. Certainly trying to gain and advantage any way he can, Calipari chooses per usual to throw subtle shade at Coach K and his program to build up his own. But why kemosabe? You are already at the top of your game, you get great recruits you win a lot. Is there really a need to keep Duke’s name in your mouth? The way I see it if you have to mention Duke in an article about you and Kentucky more than once well, that says more about your priorities and fears than it does about Coach K.

“The Supreme Art of War is to Subdue the Enemy Without Fighting”

Sure Kentucky under Calipari changed the game with their pro-day idea, credit where credit is due but does that mean they have a monopoly on it, nah – not at all. It’s been rare that Duke has had as many potential one-and-done’s on one team so it made sense in this case for Duke to adopt that model-for that reason as well as working towards team unity. I think the difference is, and I may be mistaken about this is that Kentucky holds their pro-day but does not bar NBA personnel from other practices while Duke’s will be closed outside of the 2 pro-days. A difference that shows this move has an alternate reasoning as well – to try to keep this team focused on the task at hand, to keep their eyes on the prize and let their play speak for itself. It’s not a fight if only one side is trying to throw punches. Duke doesn’t need to say Kentucky to talk about how good Duke is and neither should Kentucky.

If You are Winning Why are You Whining?

It seems that John Calipari does an excellent job of blurring the lines between marketing and whining. Everything is unfair and Kentucky should be the standard-bearer. Slow your roll and just enjoy your success homie…relax and breathe.

I don’t recall anyone of relevance ever saying it was a bad idea when John Calipari thrust the idea forth that he would have these pro-days. Of course there are internet trolls and fan-bases that gave their opinions but I would hope with his ear, which is firmly planted to social media, is not lending credence to those voices. When he says things like, “It took Duke to do it for it to become OK”, it definitely comes off as whiny. Clearly there is a sense of paranoia deeply embedded in John Calipari that makes him who he is and that is not an insult. Some people thrive best when they feel like everyone is out to get them but it also seems to me that underneath all the bravado, the potshots (no matter how subtle) there is a tiny bit, an inkling of an undercurrent of either jealousy or insecurity.

Omerta: Code of Silence “He who is silent will live a hundred years in peace.”

Coach K’s method? No need to drop hints, no need to throw shade. Just do you, just do your program. Do your talking with your actions and move in silence like a gif.

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