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Point Guard Prowess from Dennis Smith Jr. (@Jhooper_3 ) | I Spoke With Him Recently…

By January 2, 2014No Comments


Dennis Smith Jr. (@Jhooper_3) has been turning heads with his play over the last couple of years, he is the perfect combo of athletic and court aware. He knows when to take it himself and when to get his teammates involved. Here is a conversation we had recently:

Dukeblogger: Clearly you are one of the more athletic guards in any class what do you think is the strongest part of your game right now?

Dennis Smith Jr: Being a play-maker, whether it’s scoring the ball or dumping it off to a teammate. Pretty much being a leader

Dukeblogger: What aspects of your game do you feel you need to work on before you get to the next level?

Dennis Smith Jr:  Never taking plays off and still need to improve on moving without the ball

Dukeblogger: Is there a player in college or the pros you pattern or mold your game after ?

Dennis Smith Jr:  In the pros I watch a lot of Westbrook because of how well he attacks and is always aggressive.

Dukeblogger: Obviously playing with the Karolina Diamonds in AAU there’s a lot of firepower what do you think you bring to the table with that squad?

Dennis Smith Jr:  I don’t run with them anymore

Dukeblogger: Are you playing with someone different?

Dennis Smith Jr:  Yes sir Team Loaded

Dukeblogger: That’s a nice team

Dukeblogger: What do you look for in terms of style of play when looking at a school ?

Dennis Smith Jr:  I wanna come right in and play, then they have to fit into my game. An uptempo team that’s known for guard play would fit my style

Dukeblogger: How’s your high school team doing this year so far?

Dennis Smith Jr: We’re doing good. And I say good because our records is pretty well right now but with the pieces we have, we could be undefeated. So not great yet but we have the potential to be

Dukeblogger: And last one: What kinds of things do you enjoy doing away from the game for fun?

Dennis Smith Jr: Listening to music, mostly, JCole, and playing Call of Duty or 2K.

Dukeblogger: I really appreciate you taking the time man, I enjoy game and look for big things from you. Have a great rest of your holiday break.

Dennis Smith Jr: Not a problem and thank you, same to you

Dukeblogger: Take care man