Clearly Duke literally dismantled Kentucky last night…I get it. Duke dominated and had a fantastic night in every facet of the game. As much of a fan as I am, I’m also 44 years old and know the difference between a team having a great night and the second coming of UNLV. It’s one thing when College Basketball fans say their piece. I get it. You need to find a way to quantify a masterful performance but when the actual legit sports media starts to do this, it borders on ridiculous.

People comparing this Duke team to the Fab 5, and others saying Duke should go undefeated. Seriously? I understand in sports writing it’s a race to the lowest common denominator. Everyone tries to grab the most hits, clicks and eyes with the least amount of actual intelligence but come on. I don’t needs dudes who cover the NBA chiming in on a sport that they don’t follow 9/10 of the time. People that clearly just watch highlights and think they can speak on a subject intelligently – yes even if you played College Basketball you can be wrong, you can also be subject to the same misconceptions and hyperbole as fans – clearly. Just stop it…cough, cough Stephen A. Smith, Mike Greenberg and others.

Do what you get paid to do and analyze, don’t speak in generalities or washed up comparisons. Look at the game in its true context. Duke isn’t going to be this lights out every night and Kentucky won’t be this bad. College Basketball has a way of evening out and November is an asinine time to start anointing anyone anything. If these so-called sports writers haven’t figured that out by now perhaps they are in the wrong profession.

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