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Some Sean Obi Highlights I pieced Together (sorry for the bad quality)

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So yesterday Duke gained a commitment from Rice transfer Sean Obi. Obi is 6’9 and 265 pounds and coming off of a freshmen season where her averaged 11 points and 9 rebounds. In watching a good amount of his film it’s clear to me why he was the most sought after transfer this off-season he brings a very good interior game to the table. In addition to being a very good rebounder and having a body that can eat up space in the middle Obi is very underrated as a scorer. In watching a few Rice games he was never really the focal point of the offense yet still managed to get his share of points. A couple of the moves I saw reminded me of Elton Brand, not saying Obi is at that level yet but as they say about houses he has good bones. Seems as though Rice was primarily a jumpshooting team from what I can tell and with enough looks Obi could have easily scored 15 to 17 a game. Here are a few highlights I was able to cobble together, I am not a video guy and some of the source footage from Rice was pretty shaky and once I got it it was hard to stabilize (not their fault but my own, not real video equipment here). You can get a sense of how Duke can use the young Obi who will have 3 years of eligibility left after he sits a season.

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