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Singlers Numbers..

By February 17, 2011No Comments

This was an interesting article on Kyle Singler and his lack of production lately. Yes in Kyles last 4 games he’s averaging 10 points, that includes the 2 point performance at UVA. I can see both sides of the issue, yes his point production isn’t what we have come to expect, but that is only one stat and not the whole of which we judge a basketball player, defensively Kyle is much more focused and that can as we know pull down your numbers a bit. Also the lack of a true point guard is going to cause his numbers to slip as well. We all know Nolan Smith is an attacker, a scorer by nature and dissecting the UVA game really showed as he did miss a few open teammates. I’m not sure I would classify it as a fault, but its the nature of the position and the nature of Nolans game.

I really don’t think that numbers are all that important when it comes to this team, anyone is capable at any time of taking over, Kyle will have other breakout games this year. As long as he isn’t letting it effect him mentally then all will be fine in my eyes.