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Some Interesting Links from Chris Paul’s Camp

By June 15, 2010No Comments

Seth Curry is really going to be the x-factor for Duke in the coming year, with scoring options in Singler, Smith and Irving, Curry will bring quite a punch from 3. How will Duke juggle the minutes? I think it will work nicely into what K wants to do, a faster team means a team that will need more rest, the plethora of guards on this team plays right into K’s hands. Good to see him getting better with Nolan and Kyle with the help of Chris Paul. Per the Luke Win article mentioned below:

The player I was most intrigued to see was Seth Curry, the Liberty transfer who was lying in wait on Duke’s bench, in dress clothes, during their national title run. Both he and his brother, Stephen, were in the gym on Sunday, and their three-point shooting forms differ: Stephen’s shot is now a textbook wrist-flick with perfect rotation, while Seth’s is often a knuckleball with little spin. It’s a highly accurate knuckleball, though; Seth seemed to knock down as many (or more) threes than anyone in the camp over the course of drills (the camp was probably 85 percent drills) and scrimmaging. He should be a deadly weapon in Duke’s backcourt, especially given how much attention defenses will pay to teammates Nolan Smith, Singler and Kyrie Irving. “Seth is going to bring so much to our team with his shooting and playmaking ability,” Smith said.

Paul takes nation’s best guards under his wing in Winston-Salem
By Luke Winn

Chris Paul Elite Camp 2010, Day One
By Marcus Shockley

Chris Paul CP3 Elite Guard Camp: News and Notes
By Ryan Feldman

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