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The Chase is On: A Few Questions with 2015 PF Chase Jeter (Duke Offered)

By November 11, 2013December 9th, 2013No Comments

chase-jeterChase Jeter ( is a heady player, don’t let the 6’10 size fool you he is athletic and the comparisons to Tim Duncan are warranted in terms of style of play and skill-set. He is 6’10 but not at all defined by height alone, his size is just one weapon, his best is his brain. They say you can’t teach height, but you also can’t teach court awareness. Jeter displays that, and reacts quickly to feeling the defense on his back and is capable of delivering precision passes to interior teammates or back to guards and quickly re-posting.

Good rebounder and can make a living putting back misses but his game is constantly evolving and he continues to add nuances that college coaches love. He had great touch around the rim and is expanding that touch out toward mid-range. The arc of his progression is one reason why Coach K and the Duke staff deemed him worthy of an offer.

[powerpress url=”″] I caught up with recently offered Class of 2015 power forward Chase Jeter, and this is what Chase had to say.

Duke Blogger: Was it Coach K that called with the offer?

Chase Jeter: Yes, sir, it was.

DB: And which coach has been the principal recruiter for you?

CJ: The people I’ve talked to the most are Coach K and Coach Wojciechowski.

DB: What do you think are the strengths of your game right now?

CJ: Definitely my post work, being able to turn around and hit the midrange shot, and also my face-up game.

DB: What do you feel that you want to work on most in your game?  What do you feel needs more work for you?

CJ: Being assertive on both ends of the floor and adding strength.

DB: What style of play do you think best suits your game right now?

CJ: I feel like I can find my niche in either a quick transition program or a program that  slows down and runs an organized offense.

DB: Is there a player that you emulate or pattern your game after right now?

CJ: At this point right now I’d say Tim Duncan, and based on the future, going past college I’d like to work on some Kevin Durant signals, I’d like to have Kevin Durant aspects to my game.  They don’t really show right now, but I work on a lot of things that would get me to that level.

DB: Has Coach K mentioned how he’d like to use you at Duke should you end up there?

CJ: He said that I’d be a very versatile player, and that I’d do a good job of extending the defense in the program.

DB: Definitely, I can see that as well.  The way Duke plays this year, you can plug in different pieces, every player can do a lot of different things, and I can definitely see you in that role.

CJ: Yeah, yeah, definitely.

DB: What is it that you like about Duke, personally?

CJ: First off, the history.  Also, me and Coach K, and Coach Wojo, we’ve developed some good relationships, they’ve developed good relationships with my family.  I like the way the guys have a certain passion with way they play every game.  Just to watch those guys, the way they play, it just seems like they love what they do and they’re a part of something special.

DB: What other schools have shown interest in you so far?

CJ: Kansas, North Carolina, Michigan, USC, Morgan, Notre Dame, UNLV.

DB: A lot of big names, very nice.

CJ: Yeah.

DB: Aside from basketball, what does Chase Jeter like to do for fun?

CJ: I mean, usually, my source of fun is basketball, but when I’m not playing basketball, I like to like to hang out with my friends.  We go to the mall, the movies, we like to go hang out.  We collect shoes.  It sounds like little girls, but we collect shoes and stuff, we grew up trying to get new shoes, trade shoes, and all that kind of stuff.

DB: That’s pretty popular amongst basketball players nowadays.  Not so much in my day, but now, yeah, basketball shoes are hot items.

CJ: Yeah.

DB: I appreciate your time, man.  Good luck, thanks for the time.  Congratulations on the offer, man, it’s real good news to hear that Coach K offered you, that’s awesome.

CJ: Thank you, it means a lot to me.

DB: Alright, man, you take care, I look forward to seeing more on you.

CJ: Okay, definitely, you have a good one.

DB: You too, take care.

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