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The Matt Jones Summer Grind from @dukeblueplanet

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Matt Jones is a player that will come into Duke with not a lot of hype, not a lot of pressure but he comes in and instantly provides depth at guard. He has worked on being competent to play at either guard spot and everyone knows his jumper is lethal. He will benefit greatly from having to guard Quinn Cook, Tyler Thornton, Rasheed Sulaimon and Andre Dawkins. I can see him becoming a very adept player and that is the piece that will keep him on the floor at Duke. Aside from that he is a great young man who is grounded and understand that basketball could be his future but is preparing himself just in case it isn’t.

Brian Horace

Brian Horace

Iā€™ve been a Duke fan for as long a I can remember, been actively writing about the team since probably 2006 or so, seriously since 2009. I am a homer so expect no less than that. I always welcome suggestions no matter how blunt. I am also a huge music fan, not genre specific and by music fan I mean music snob. Enjoy.

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