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Thoughts on Blue-White Game

By October 17, 20116 Comments

The Blue-White game, if any indicator showed that Seth CUrry, is ready to be that go to guy, it also shows that Austin Rivers feeds off of competition. While Seth lead all scores and mastered the mid-range and long range jumpers in this game. It was clear to see the fire that drives young Rivers. He was ready to attack from the get-go. Taking anyone that tries to guard him as an insult. Rivers while taking a few ill-advised shots for the most part impressed in this debut, scoring 14.

Miles Plumlee also showed that this season could be where he cements himself ad THE man in the middle. Miles made play after athletic play also rebounded the ball and cleared out space. Miles definitely looks confident and controlled. If he can stay in the games and not commit the silly fouls that tend to limit his ability to be aggressive then he could have a big year for the Devils. Mason Plumlee did not have is best game but all of the pieces are there for him, for the last few years Duke fans have waited for that light to come on for Mason and it has at times, sometimes it flickers, sometimes its dimmer than we’d like but the tools are there and once he figures out on a consistent basis how to use them, he can be dangerous.

Several Dukies that we expected to have killer games were quiet but that may be a portent for this team. It just may be a different man every night. Seth should be pretty steady, as should Rivers. Dawkins has the potential to go off in spurts. He can shoot the lights out we know but the minute he combines that ability with his explosiveness to the basket that we have all seen glimpses of he could be the most dynamic player in the ACC.

The Freshmen. Austin Rivers definitely had some plays that display that skill set that had him ranked in the top 5 freshmen coming into college this year. Michael Gbinije while not putting up numbers, has a very good nose for the ball. He can he that guy to finish on the break but also that guy that will get a crucial rebound or steal. Very smart, heady player with underrated athleticism. Alex Murphy is a kid with all of the talent but needs to just get on a roll, what you see in him is that fact that he is not going to stop fighting, whether he misses 4 or 5, he is not going to stop, and there are going to be times when he amazes the crowd in Cameron. It’s just a step or 2 off but he is improving fast. What you see in Marshall Plumlee is a matchup problem for some teams, while not the biggest guy for that height, he is definitely bigger now that he was last year. He isn’t scared and will put it up, and if he gets to a certain level of confidence watch out. He’s been labelled a project but could surprise us all. Quinn Cook may have that PG swagger that Duke is in need of, Seth Curry is probably going to be the starter but there should really be no drop off should Quinn Cook come in. He wants to be a playmaker and possesses the skillet to do so. He’s quick, but not the quickest, he can shoot but he isn’t the best shooter. But he makes quick smart decisions and look for some fantastic dishes. He may be, at the end of the day, the PG that makes the other players around him better the way Kyrie did. I’m not saying he is a scorer like Irving but his ability to spot the open man and deliver may very well be on par.

What I took away from the game as a whole was that this is a team that is anxious to compete, anxious to feed on someone else and not each other. The Devils are where they need to be, I think at the guard spot things are good, things are deep. The question marks are going to be which big man or men, will take advantage of the situation and asserts themselves. It looks to be Miles, but things can change on a dime.

Box Score: Blue 56, White 53
Photos: Blue 56, White 53
Quotes: Blue 56, White 53
Rivers Does Not Disappoint


  • wilko says:

    Thoughtful review. Hard to find fault with this assessment, tho I would like to add on to a couple of your points.

    RKelly. He is a bit of an x-factor. In the Overseas trip he showed a lot of improvement, so its not necessarily new news.. but in the B/W game I like his decision making. Good shots and good passes. Worked a 2 man post game like a point forward and took shots off the drive in the paint instead of settling for a jumper. I look for the MP’s to thrive off that.

    Once Curry broke a sweat, he showed who is going to be the face of the program this yr. Its his show. He is in the middle of a Scheyer like transition, but he has more tools to work with both as a individual and on the team. I love Currys game. but he doesn’t have that blazing 1st step you want your pg to have. Having RK on the wing could take off a lot of that pressure and present some NICE oppt’ys on the perimeter via ball rotation/screens and looking for the open man.

    I think AR, AD, SC, QC will have lots of chances to make buckets off that. As of course will the MP’s

    Speaking of Quinn – In the B/W game good things happened when he got touches. Could be a real nice change of pace depending on the matchup to use his gear. I thought the MP’s were most affected by KI early season exit and they could be the most impacted by QC’s arrival.

    Knowing what to do with the ball is one thing.
    Getting the ball in a position to DO something with it is entirely another. I look for Post play to be much improved and aggressive.

    thats it.

  • admin says:

    I agree with what you are saying as well. I think Kelly could have a real standout year, he is confident, he has improved quickness. He’s always been a great passer but he has to respected as a shooter. One thing our bigs have and I will include Ryan as a big even though he may spend lots of time on the perimeter, they are great passers, even in traffic. That may come in handy this season.

  • ShaunWilhelmi says:

    Good assessment to me as well. I believe Seth & Ryan will lead team in all aspects of the game. I believe Miles will have his best year as a captain & a college player. Mason seems to have the most talent of the Plumlees but only shows it at times. Needs to develop a consistent level if he plans to do well in the NBA. My best five on the floor should be PG-Seth SG-Rivers SF-Dawkins PF-Kelly C-Miles w/Mason & Alex ready at any moment to come in. We are deep which I like & we have plenty of scoring to go around. I know if u leave any of our 1-3 players open for any time they will make you pay for it. Very excited for this new season & to see where this team goes as I have observed many good qualitites with this team. Coach Capel will help bigs & Coach K always gets the best from his players.

  • admin says:

    Yes, hopefully Coach Capel can inject whatever Blake Griffin has into our bigs, they need to be ruthless. That can really take this team to a level that none of the pundits expect.

  • Patrick says:

    What are you talking about? Rivers only had 14 total points not 28 and looked out of control the entire second half….

  • admin says:

    You are right Patrick it was 14, I left a placeholder when I was writing and went back and plugged in Seths totals. As far as being out of control. I think that was more about fatigue, than skill. I forgive that in a freshmen. I’m much more apt to forgive that. Sure he has 6 turnovers but he had 5 rebounds and a steal. I can live with that considering the energy level.

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