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Vacation and Lebron

By July 11, 2010July 21st, 2010No Comments

Ahhh back from vacation where I have two observations:

1. Lebron James has an ego the size of the Sun and Cleveland will hate him forever, and

2. Seaworld is pretty damn fun.

I’ve never really liked Lebron James, and I never really had a valid reason until now, so I can now say he has earned my dislike. Doing his best Harrison Barnes impersonation he creates a TV event like no other just announce where he’s going to be playing basketball, not even Michael Jordan did this. It was all self important, self centered and pretty childish in my opinion. At least Barnes has the excuse of being a kid. What is Lebrons excuse?? As usual today it’s  more about him than it is the sport, makes you wonder if people like that even really respect the game? When you make yourself bigger than that game it shows a lack of integrity, respect and humility. If he thought the pressure was on in Cleveland, it’s really going to be on in Miami, it’s win or face the firing squad of ridicule.