The Roaming Gnome and his handler arrived in the Triangle this week to attend the Duke – UNC game and be on hand for College Gameday. While in town, the Roaming Gnome will look to uncover best pre-game food, fun and fan festivities. Fans are encouraged to reach out with local recommendations via Twitter (@Roaming Gnome) and Instagram (@RoamingGnome). He’ll also share photo and video highlights of his hometown adventures.

ESPN College GameDay
Sat., March 5, 2016

Cameron Stadium

I was able to get a few questions in with the Gnome and his handler.

What is the most exciting part about attending the Duke- UNC game?

Everything! He wants to get a flavor of both universities and do all the cool things there are to do in Chapel Hill and Durham.​ The Roaming Gnome was also really excited when he found out that he was coming to Durham, as he can experience a lot of his favorite things. He is really looking forward to delicious barbeque at The Pit and hitching a ride on the east-west bus between the two campuses. He’s a little worried about getting lost in Krzyzewskiville. He already made a stop at the Perkins Library today!

Does the gnome get his own seat?

​​Of course, he gets his own seat! However, if there are any cheerleaders or students willing to give him a boost so he can watch the game, he’d greatly appreciate it (it’s difficult being a two-feet tall gnome).

What shade of blue is best?

​The Roaming Gnome rarely takes sides and usually just hopes for a really exciting game – although he does have a soft spot for the underdog (as two-foot high gnomes are almost always underdogs with anything having to do with basketball).​

Do you have any predictions for the game?

​He thinks the winner will win and it’ll probably be either Duke or UNC.
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