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Duke commit Jaden Schutt (pronounced “shoot” – because of course) is a flamethrower on the court hitting big shots for the Illinois Wolves and for the Yorkville Christian Mustangs. He’s the first guard to commit to head coach in waiting Jon Scheyer and an Illinois product just as Scheyer was. Schutt is also the number 1 player in the state of Illinois. Schutt is all business on the court but with the launch of his apparel and merchandise brand Schütta Brand he’s business off the court as well.

Schütta Brand is an endeavor started by the high school student as a philanthropic effort not an NIL situation. Jaden is incurring all the financial risk for Schütta Brand and has taken it upon himself to study both how successful enterprises such as these get off the ground and how they minimize risk and turn profits. I was able to catch up with Jaden and discuss this unique endeavor. Here’s what the Duke commit had to say.

Schutta Brand was formed to give you high quality athletic apparel that you can wear on the court or on the go! 💯% of profits donated to charity!!

DukeBlogger: What was the original goal in starting Schütta Brand?

Jaden Schutt: To create and design high quality apparel that me and my friends could wear. I am also very interested in entrepreneurship and decided no better way to learn about it than to start a very low risk endeavor.

What gave you the idea to first start a clothing brand and secondly to donate the proceeds to charity?

Jaden Schutt: It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, it gives me the freedom to be a creator and to put my ideas on shirts and to just have fun and know that the proceeds will help the community. Growing up my parents always gave back to the community and instilled this in me.

Are you involved with the creative side as well?

Jaden Schutt: I am 100% involved in the creative side. I also have some great people along my side but 100% I am involved in the creation and designs.

Is this something you hope to continue even after you get to campus at Duke?

Jaden Schutt: I plan on keeping the brand going as long as people continue to enjoy it and I can keep impacting people and causes through our launches.

Has philanthropy always been something you’ve been interested in?

Jaden Schutt: Philanthropy has been something I have been around my entire life. Like previously mentioned with my family as well as events I have been apart of with my church. I have seen the difference it can make and is something that I enjoy doing. I have also read a lot of books about successful leaders/ceos and a lot of them have talked about philanthropy and it definitely has inspired me.

Do you think seeing a young person so involved with his community will spark others to become more involved with their communities

Jaden Schutt: I really do hope so. Starting this company and taking all financial risk has already taught me so much. From the marketing, to margins and learning about supply chain I am hopeful that through my experience I will be more prepared for life off the court and be able to share my experiences with others. Im also fully aware that being a student-athlete at Duke University will provide opportunities to network with some very successful people. Having the experiences of starting my own company will give me something other than basketball to connect with them about and provide me with the opportunity to learn from them as well.

Obviously committing to Duke gives a bit of a jump in social media presence, probably more so once it gets closer to freshmen year, do you think that will also help the brand to grow as well?

Jaden Schutt: Duke has a passionate fan base that reaches across the world. It is the top of the top and I definitely believe it will help the brands growth.

Is there a particular charity you are helping in your community?

Jaden Schutt: I’m very interested in pediatric cancer and as well as giving back to my roots and the private school I went to.

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Schütta Brand was formed to give you high quality athletic apparel that you can wear on the court or on the go!
100% of profits donated to charity!!