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By October 14, 2009One Comment

One Comment

  • Sajid says:

    Comments are sporadic. They are sotimemes enabled and sotimemes not, so this isn’t really a they finally opened comments sort of situation. Also, the order is rotated. Any theist contributor angry that Kevin has top spot needs to go give himself a swirly.I’m with Randy that the statement that no atheist would ever is a really bad one to make. There are a whole lot of atheists out there and it’s statistically implausible that we won’t have at least a couple nutjobs. I think it’s far better to say, simply, that atheism is no where near as amenable to violent conclusions as most religions are. But even then, I don’t really see body counting as an interesting or productive way to frame the issue. I much prefer Crommunist’s angle that religion is antithetical to critical thinking and that raising children with moral absolutes stunts their moral growth.But even then, if writing for a non-atheist audience, I’d be much more comfortably simply talking about how awesome atheism is without the need to poo-poo other people’s worldviews. In terms of PR, I think we’re better served building ourselves up rather than tacking others down (at least in a fluff inter-faith column like this).I love Kevin dearly and he’s a fantastic spokesperson, but I found this to be one of his weaker contributions.

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